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Just want to talk really - Carers UK Forum

Just want to talk really

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I have not posted too many messages but just wanted to talk. I have good friends but no relatives except for a cousin, The one comment I keep getting is you need time to yourself, all very well but if you do not have anyone to turn to who you can ask, but my friends don't understand this. I think they are like this because they have never been in this situation. I have one lovely friend who I had to put on the other week, she kindly offered to stay with mum while I had to go to hospital about 30 miles away for some tests. Ended up putting a complaint in as they did tests I had not been informed about and did not get home until about 7.30 and my friend had been with mum since 10 that morning. Also can I ask if anyone has had contact with a palliative care team as the doctor is referring us to them and I am not sure what to expect. I hope no-one minds me asking.
Hello.All I can really add to what has been posted is just to say what Audrey has already said,so it has been said ,but Its worth repeating.This IS the place to come.This place is for carers like you,and me,if it comes to that.We all walk different paths and we all have different stories.But we are all carers at the end of the day,and whatever the path we tread,it can be very hard.

So you are among fellow-carers here.

I dont know enough about palliative care to make any sort of comment with any degree of knowledge of it.I have heard,mainly through the media,it is very excellent.I do hope all goes well for you.
I've no personal experience of palliative care, but I know how tricky it can be with no family near enough (acceptable to oh Image ) to ask to step in for a few hours!
Bad of the hospital to keep you for extra tests though. I take it you did tell them of your circumstances?
I've had direct experience with palliative care for my husband. Our palliative care nurse is absolutely brilliant, I could write more and more about how much help he was to the two of us. That's an important point ... they are there for the patient as well as carers. I can't fault the palliative care we received and can't express how grateful I am it was there when needed.
We are under the palliative care team too. They've been really good. I think (this is only my opinion) that because they are not focusing on a cure but on improving a persons quality of life they look at things differently
Have you had a carers assessment? One of the outcomes of mine was 2 respite sits a week to give me time to get out of the house and have 'me time'.

Keep talking to us we might not be walking the same paths but the problems we encounter on the journey are similar

We have pallative care via our local hospice. It is our lifeline. Our nurse not only looks after my husbands needs but mine as well. I can't say enough good things about our hospice service. Like Booksey said the focus is on quality of life. There is also a 24 hour helpline through our hospice service - a kind calming ear at anytime.