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Just want to hear from another person

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Hi angie,

I myself cant say i have a large friend network, i have people who i speak to but not to about personal issues, so yes i get lonely too.

My dogs have been the light on some dark nights for me, although two of which are no longer here sadly, one being very recent 2 weeks ago, my baby lab left this earth. They were there for a cuddle, and a walk if i needed to get out. doctors orders. they sensed something not right and would snuggle up without a moments notice, squeezing in on the couch just to let me know they cared. funny how animals know eh. when i had depression they would pace the floor with me on many a sleepless night, wagging there tail not knowing where they were going, if anywhere...lol.

I get the candels out at night, nail varnish,coffee,a book, tell the family to go out and leave me for an hour or so, i took up sketching, anything around the house, helps me concentrate on something other than my worries, now i go out walking and sketch trees, houses, im great at it, no picaso, but helped me.

need a chat, just pm me, best place to be for a natter hun, were all in the same boat.. grab an oar and start rowing. xx kaz
I have some great chats with the cat.I also have some great chats with next doors cat.Trouble is,i find myself being catty. Image Image Image
Hello Angie,

Is there anyone else who can care for your mother? One day per fortnight so that you can leave your mother/dogs and house for a little while? Time for you to put some makeup on and care for your appearance and remember to be you? Usually the postman or the vicar keep tabs on the people around you - would someone be available to dog walk for an hour every so often with you?

As you are using a computer, would you consider "Skype", so that you could have free, live conversations with new friends? Perhaps join the club of your dog breed? Or Facebook? By sharing hobbies you can quickly make a few acquaintances, outside of the world of caring, to let your mind wander for a little while...

Thinking of you and sending you my best wishes,

Thank you so much guys, it's lovely to have some outside contact.

Minnie I laughed out loud at that video, it actually looks like it could be a Chihuahua. My Avatar is Charlie my little boy Chihuahua.

My furry babies are Loulou who is a Jack Russell, Poppy who is a Yorkie, Pepi who is half Yorkie and half Chihuahua (Chorkie), then the little chewy's (chihuahua's) Charlie, Daisy-May and newest recruit Red. She came to us as a rescue called Rosie but it sounds too much like Daisy and she is a red-sable colour so we changed it to Red.

Take care all

Hugs Angie