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Just want to hear from another person - Carers UK Forum

Just want to hear from another person

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Hi All

I'm quite new here, but I've had such lovely feedback I don't feel bad posting for no reason really.

I live with my Mom for whom I care and our 6, yes 6 beautiful dogs who keep me going, but apart from asking for bags in the local supermarket I can't remember the last time I spoke to someone who wasn't my Mom.

I have very few friends and those who I'm close too live a long way away and those that I used to be close to have their own families and are too busy with them for me. I feel like I need a girlie night in a chat and probably a good cry. What I really need is to be able to have a damn good moan about Mom, my life and everything in general.

It is great having you guys here, but I guess that I cant really tell you all everything as I'd be on here forever.

Anyway, thanks for listening. - Angie
I know just what you are saying.

Sometimes I let the person behind me go first in the supermarket, just so we can have a conversation. No lack of chatter here on the forum.

You might want to join us on Roll call where you will get to know a bit about our daily lives, and the weather around the country!

Take care
Girl night in I can't remember the last time I had one of those. Cheap wine, box of chocs, soppy movie and lots of tissues.........
Glad you are finding the Forum as useful as i do. Image Image Image Image Image
Its the best thing in the world,i find.A good cry and a chat.Cant beat it in my view.
Angie - I know EXACTLY what you mean. I'm in the same boat, especially school hols and weekends. Tough isn't it? Thank goodness for the forum.

Hi Angie

Post whenever you like and as much as you like - no limits Image

You could always try this on a Saturday evening

or as Meg says join us on Roll Call (found in Carer to Carer) it's our equivalent to coffee over the garden fence Image
Hi Angie,
Another carer here knowing exactly what you're saying!
I even chat with the GP receptionists on the phone now Image Image (one in particular always asks how Hubs and Youngest are doing)
I love this forum, I don't feel as isolated as I used to, Thanks guys Image
You talk away Angie, I'm up for a girlie night in. even virtual, Image love the pic. of
the dog , what breed is it Angie,? cause I love this wee video , hope it makes you laugh.
posted it before don't know if you have seen it. I'm thinking of getting a wee dog, cant
make my mind up . but 6 must be a handful, they look quite playful.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8-3Ui0u ... ure=relmfu

Take care
Minnie Image
Know how you feel Angie.