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Fingernail cutting

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Does anyone know if there is a free or reasonably priced way to get my mum's fingernails cut at home. Her hands are very deformed by rheumatoid arthritis and some fingers don't straighten. I find it so difficult to do, and my eyesight is not fantastic. She has a Carer come and wash her, but she won't cut her nails.

What about the District Nurses ?

Alternatively you might be able to find a local beautician/nail technician who would be willing to come out and cut your Mum's nails; perhaps call in at a few of the shops and ask ?

Another thought - does your Mum go to a Day Care centre ? When my Mum was going to one I know that they had a visiting hairdresser and manicurist.
She doesn't go to a day centre. I am not sure that the district nurses do nail cutting. I am not sure if I am just feeling totally overwhelmed and everything seems impossible. I think maybe the nail issue is sending me to the edge of coping. I could have coped myself with the nail cutting a month or two ago. Suddenly it seems too much.
District nurses don't do nail cutting, but they are worth asking if they know where to get it done by someone experienced and qualified in treating those with medical conditions.
Lapwing, have a look in your local paper to see if there are any home beauticians. I have one visit regularly, Alex, it's one of my little treats in life, and she will do a full manicure or a "nail reshape" which is probably what mum needs. She also does the same for toenails, which can be even worse than fingernails if left! When I'm feeling really stressed, Alex gives me a neck and shoulder massage or a facial, which is so relaxing. We have some friends in common, so although I don't see them very often now, I can catch up with all the news, which is nice.
for toenails, go the podiatrist. I cannot cut my son's toenails anymore, too much arthritis in my hands;his day centre suggested I contact the NHS podiatrist, so I did and now we go regularly, it takes two minutes and he has told me just to give a ring when we need to go again.
My sister in law, who used to work in a care home, has cut her nails, so that problem has been sorted!
Good news.
Actually, WHY don't the DN's cut fingernails? If someone on their own, say, cannot cut their own nails, then they'll just continue growing and become a problem. Same as toe nails, few people will take on that responbility either, except the podiatrists or chiropodists and they're few and far between.

Worth asking the DN's about it though, see if they can give you some advice on where to take your mum or if someone else could come in.

Hubby's fingers were curled and couldn't be straightened and along with his jumping legs, made cutting his nails really difficult. I did the best I could, but could never get them short enough. I would have liked someone to come in and do it properly. The PA's used to do it sometimes, but even they used to cut his fingers sometimes, cos of the problem of getting clippers in the right places etc. I know what you mean.
Glad your SIL came to the rescue, now you just need to ensure she come regularly so that you have one less thing to worry about.

I know what you mean about the "final straw," sometimes we are hanging on by a thread and then one final hassle arrives and threatens to push us over the edge.

Take care,