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Just Checking Monitoring

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My son didnt have a social worker until I screamed at them about it! He has one now but they do keep trying to come up with excuses to drop the support. They even threatened to take him off his EHC plan last year!! The irony in my sons case is that the very first paeidatrician to treat my son was the Baby P whistleblower from Great Ormond st hospital (Dr Kim Holt). Theyve not learned a damn thing from that case! It is very sad. They have sat around twiddling their thumbs telling me they wont do anything without any evidence. They are effectively letting a disabled child slowly suffocate to death because his dad wont do anything.
it isn't up to a social worker to evoke an EHCP. Although they have a social care and health section they are predominantly for education; written by education and reviewed by education In my experience social workers and health professionals rarely attend reviews and are very reluctant to provide written reports or contribute in any way.

There is an awful lot in his EHC plan which refers to his health needs in terms of his learning environment. They have reviewed it recently, but it is still an absolute mess. There are blank sections and it hasnt even been formally signed. WE had a CIN meeting last week and the social worker and paediatrician were in attendance It turned into a bit of a slanging match. Maybe because it wasnt an in person meeting, so everyone was talking over each other and the social worker seemed to be out of her depth and the paediatrician didnt seem to have a clue what she was talking about. The headmaster said very little. then we ran out of time and the meeting was cut short. It was a joke.
Lucy of course the learning environment will relate to his adaptions needed to minimise the affect of his condition on learning. If you don't agree with the EHCP you have to respond within a set time frame. IPSEA and the NAS both offer advice for this .

I'm sorry the child in need meeting wasn't well chaired. It is possible to do this even with it not being in person.

I have had a small breakthrough. Great Ormond st hospital now saying they will liaise properly with local paediatrician team to come up with a proper plan. Its taken months of me begging them on both sides. It has been and still is a terrifying ordeal.

The local government and ombudsman service have been appalling in responding to my complaint and it it has got as far as social services saying they have no concerns about my son not getting any treatment and being locked in his bedroom and that he is perfectly safe locked in every night, despite them knowing he has a history of sleep disturbances that have not been properly assessed or treated.

It really beggars belief. I just hope that I can get him treatment ASAP and not be told I have to wait another 6 months due to covid. Its like they want him to suffocate to death rather than deal with the problem.

I am beyond disgusted that a little boy with severe disabilities and complex needs can be left in this situation. He is non verbal and is not able to tell anyone what is happening to him and that he might actually be frightened when waking up in the night ands discovering he is locked in and no one is coming to help him. My stomach is in knots. Because for ages I have been told that this is a perfectly fine way to manage a disabled child when it is obvious that it is not