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just be you

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If you like the skin you are in, then it doesn't matter what you wear, you will be who you are Image
The days you're not so keen on being in your skin then dressing it up in nice smells and bright colous makes the world of difference Image Image

(Currently sitting in red slippers, green cords and a lilac jumper Image Image Image )
(Currently sitting in red slippers, green cords and a lilac jumper Image Image Image )
Thought for a moment you were "singing a rainbow"... Image
What - another wedding? That's the third in as many months. What better excuse to dress up and look girly, we should have a 'communal carers' wedding, at least once a year.......
(jeans, new grey jumper over new white shirt - £2.50 from Age Concern shop). Well, we are taking little boy to Staffs Reg Museum after school today.
Hubby taking me for dinner at Beefeater next to the brand new Premier Inn, on the way home this evening. I thought about knocking on Lord Bradford's front door (Weston Park) instead, but he may not have 2 extra places set at the table. Shame, doesn't he know I've been presented to royalty? I'm sure the Beefeater will suffice!!!!! (great treat actually, ta hubbs).
Hahaha fashion? whats that?

Im normally found wearing khaki trousers (the extra pockets are handy) but they arent all green, in fact im wearing my black pair today and I love my "grandad collar" (no collar but buttons down from the neck) shirts wether long or short sleeves, I love the shirts as I have trouble with getting a shirt to fit well, im a small in size but need a large for the top of my arms and shoulders which means if I buy to fit my arms the rest of the shirts hang baggy which I hate. (yes im a wierd shape lol) BUT if im going out anywhere I have to have my boots on. (sort of a cowboy ankle type boot)

Fashion sense was never my strong point, I can wear a suit and look like a complete scruff so I just wear whats comfortable lol
well done Rin. Image

Me, live in t shirt and combats. lol Image
Nice Image
I just throw stuff on and, occasionally, it co-ordinates and I look good Image Grace usually tells me because I sure as heck wouldn't notice Image Image
Well done Pix Image

When I worked I always had my make up on, painted my nails, wore high heels and a suit. These days I don't bother unless I am going out and then I do my hair, put my make up on and fake tan and I must admit that I always feel better for it. I won't start doing it when I'm staying in though, I'm too tight to spend money on make up just for me to look at it!!!!! Image
When Grace was bedbound and unable to have any proper access to the bathroom which wasn't adapted for our needs anyway Image she wore the Glitterbug from Lush so that she could see her arms sparkle and look good in that way. Though she always looks wonderful to me Image
Though she always looks wonderful to me Image
and its comments like that is why i luvs ya!i dont do it when im going out although got the dr martins on with pyjamas to break them in some more (cropped PJ bottoms, pink vest, purple and black stripey knee high socks and dr martins!

I always have a cardi on, with pockets. I have lots of different
ones, but the pocket r great and i admit i self harmed a bit ash a teenager, to me i can see the scars and feel better to keep wot i can see covered- the dr said u cant see them but i always will b able to.

Charity shops though are just fantastic, never spend more than £4 on anything lol and feel so good when i get home with a bargan! even better when they have a reduced section!
Pix, a close friend of mine's daughter self-harmed, (she is OK now) but it was never something I knew about when I was a teenager.
Back in the sixties people used to do overdoses (usually very dramatically for theatrical effect!) or we used to just get drunk or stoned, and there were a few casualties ending up at the bottom of swimming pools after wild parties etc or on crashed motorbikes, but cutting was never on the agenda. So I'm really puzzled, do you know where cutting came from, because the first time I heard about it I was really quite baffled and shocked.