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just be you

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i was told for a long time- just be yourself i will love u BUT change ........ and a long list

well since being single with the girlies i have been just me
i didnt realise how much so until a txt convo

i dress how i want, i wear make up because lazydaisy told me when i was really deressed to get up each morning and put my face on, so i do and i always wear it verging on the goth side as its rather dark (makes my green eyes stand out lol)
I wear dr martins because they last long, comfy and water proof or cheap crocs
i live in leggins as they dry quick
if i dont have a cardie with a top on its my huge great ormand street hoodie

my nails are always painted

BY doing this ive noticed a change in amy

she has a lilac sun hat she adores and wears loads, she dresses up in fancy dress at any opportunity,
she joined chior and wants to run for school council, she has no care about her splints, and doesnt mind going in the dissability buggy!
the change in the bear- she also likes to dress up as peppa pig and cries when i take it off her! so she is wearing it out 2moz, she is sociable and enjoys lots in life

funny how mummy being happy makes a very huge difference to the girlies!
I splashed out and bought some fancy new ski-wear today. I reckon I still have a good 20 years left to ski myself into oblivion before my knees finally give up on me, so I might as well dress the part, LOL! Image
ive got a long time of pushing a wheelchair/dissability buggy and always kicking it so i thought rahter than keep spending a tenner on cheaper boots every couple of months just get a pair of dr martins! i love them!
And too right u got years left in ya then go for it! even if u dont but
like it- dress how u want !
To Right Pixie, dont let anyone tell you otherwise..

makeup tho , whats that.. Image
I'm staying in my kaftan today Image
Michelle used to say to me that I could go into the trendiest clothes shop and come out with the dorkiest looking stuff!
Since her wedding, me all shoes, hat, make-up, TIGHTS (blimey!), I've had a good think about myself and have given away a lot of my dorkiest looking stuff, all the t-shirts that I'd been hanging onto, even though they're just about long enough to cover my now-floppin tummy. And thick knitted cardies which give off so much static I jump every time I touch something.
Went and updated some things in a sale - not very much money to spend, it wasn't the Harrods' sale Image , but wearing stuff that's brighter and more cheerful, makes me feel a lot better and nicer. Totally impractical to wear dresses or skirts, but more cheery tops is better.

Wish we could all go on Trinny and Susanna or Gok Hong Kong Kwon programmes. I for one, still need guidance. Or could I hire out daughter, she's excellent at dressing people nicely, pity I can't take her shopping all the time!
when Rhys died, I never wanted to dress properly again. Thenm I read abotu another bereaved mother, who decided after a few months that she was going to put her make-up on and wear bright clothes every day, because if there was a heaven and her son was watching, he would be able to spot her, if she was wearing the type of outfit she loved.
I don't wear make-up, never have, but I do love bright clothes,and am wearing a purple top today. I also love walking along the street with my grandson singing songs and dancing,and trying to be happy when out,helps me through the days.
Glad my advice helped you and Amy, Pix. xx
Just got myself one of those baseball caps with the peak at the back, now I can't put my hoodie up.
You know what pixie you've inspired me!
Always used to be really smart for work (don't do make up though) but since I finished work in march I have been living in jeans & t-shirts and I feel dowdy. So tomorrow I think they can come out of the cupboard and make me feel a bit more up beat

Scally when I read you're post I had a vision of the scence from The Simpsons where ned flanders gets some new ski gear all tight & slinky...
i put make up on foundation and me tutti (lipstick) during the day, i have a special perfume for going out in,(gucci guilty) when im down or not feeling tip top i put my going out perfume on instead of my daily stuff Image cheers me up no end.... if im feeling really down and constantly got my going out perfume on all the time.....i buy a new one for going out in Image Image Image ,....at one stage i had loads on the go,

ive got a wedding in two weeks im looking for stuff Image , but cannot find anything.... well ive got vest n knickers if all else fails Image that will traumatise the kiddies

pixie.....i hope you have got some colourful laces for them doc's......my gal had them and got em built up instead of surgical boots when she was little Image