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Your Honest Opinions Please. - Carers UK Forum

Your Honest Opinions Please.

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Would like your feedback and opinions on a website my wife has built, she took along time and put alot of hard work into it, have had some good feedback from a couple of forum members, and would like to know what the rest of you think. I am extremely proud of what my wife has done, and hope you like the site. I hope it is okay to post this here.

And so you should be extrememly proud, both of the site and yourselves, you are amazing people.
i was amazed at the website.

what a wonderful kind family you are to take care of the poor animals, and very brave to do that all in another country.

well done and good luck for the future.
Paul...with a tear in my eye I have read through the website. You should all be so very proud of yourselves for everything you have done, renovating your home, helping so many lost souls and of course, caring. A truly inspirational family.

I hope you don't mind but I have taken the liberty of posting your link on a local Torrevieja forum in the Pet section. There are individuals here that are also doing everything that they can within their means to help animals which, like in Greece seem to be so terribly treated by low life. I have this week been visiting a few rescue centres with a friend who has now "adopted" a 2 year old terrier cross mum and one of her 8 pups! A lovely happy ending to a sad beginning for the dogs. I would have had another one myself but there isn't much room now in our "kennel" otherwise known as our flat with 3 dogs!

Oh and in answer to your question, the website is professional, thought provoking and emotional. Yes, your wife has done extremely well.

Great website Paul ! I've forwarded the link to my animal loving friends Image

The only suggestion I would have is to perhaps include an idea of what you could buy with various amounts of money on the 'How To Help' page - i.e. £5 will feed an animal for xx days; £xx will pay for 1 cat or dog to be neutered etc, etc. That way people would be able to relate to how their donation could be used.
Great website, well done

x x
Thank you for your comments so far, good idea Susieq, we had a UK vet come out in January, and in 2 days managed to neuter spay 41 cats, all feral, we are looking at doing another one in April/May. Your comments and advice is greatly appreciated.
It's an awesome site and I enjoyed reading through it, but I do have a couple of suggestions:-

1) There are some pictures on the home page that some people might find distressing. I'd like to suggest that you either change them or indicate that there are pictures on the site that people might find disturbing - that way they can choose for themselves whether to continue or not.

2) In Rainbow Bridge, you have abbreviated the term "put to sleep" with pts in a couple of places. You might want to use the full words just to prevent people who might not understand english as well from getting confused.
Absolutely brilliant, Paul. Wishing you both all the best.
You have every reason to be proud paul, those poor cats and dogs are very lucky to have crossed the path of such caring people.