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Just a brief update...... - Carers UK Forum

Just a brief update......

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Wanted to let those who have helped me over the last year that mum died early this morning. She had suffered long enough. Hospice in the hospice was by far the best thing for both of us. All for now.
Words always feel so trite at this point. My thoughts are with you, but I really want to say "well done"in all your battles for Mum.

Do stay In touch as and when. We are here for former Carers too. Once a carer always a carer

Mum is at peace now. Adjusting takes a long time, so be kind to yourself, proud of all you did for mum.
((( hugs))) to you. A brave caring daughter.
Thank you all so very much for your kind thoughts. This forum, and my lawn bowling club, has been invaluable to me this last year. I shall continue to check in and contribute.
Thinking of you and sending (((hugs.)))
Your Mum is at peace now.
Be kind to yourself.

Rosemary, sending my condolences, take things slowly and focus on looking after yourself to get through each day ahead. Mum is at peace now.
Sending thoughts and condolences to you dear on the loss of your mum. Mine died at the beginning of March after twelve months in a care home, so I know all the emotions that you will be going through. It takes time to 'find yourself' again, and it's only now that I'm really starting to deal with the deep layers of feelings that were sort of put on hold during all the sorting out and arranging that I had to do after. I also found this forum a real lifeline during my darkest, most difficult days with mum, and I still pop on here and contribute occasionally. Take time to care for yourself and be kind to yourself now xx