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Help with being rehoused? - Carers UK Forum

Help with being rehoused?

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I hope this is the right place to post about this - if not, please feel free to point me in the right direction!
Okay, well, basically, I've been caring for my mum for around 8 years. She's only in her 50s and I'm in my late 20s. Mum has many issues with her health, physically and mentally, and last year she spent several months in hospital after a complete and totaly break down.

Now, one of the factors of her breakdown is the house we live in. We moved in just under 3 years ago, and from day one I've been trying to get moved. We have a joined tenancy from our local council, and I was more or less forced to accept the house, even though I stated it wasn't acceptable. (At the time we were in temporary accomodation having just left my father's house, and I was told if we didn't accept this house we wouldn't be offered another and would have to find somewhere else to go, so of course I had to accept it.)

Now, here's a quick run down of the problems we've suffered through with this house:
- constant flooding due to shoddy repairs by council staff
- constant ant infestations (at all times of the year, believe it or not)
- dampness
- mould (we now have a lovely selection of black mould all over the bathroom)
- windows that don't work properly
- 'unsavoury' characters in the building and area (I'm sure you know what I mean)
- constant fighting outside our front door
- drunk yelling/fighting/banging/etc. at all hours
- police coming to our door at all hours to ask questions about fighting in the close
- children actually just opening our door and walking in (I mean, kids we don't know)
- grafitti on our letter box (by the children - I've caught adults trying to clean it off, as if trying to save the kids from being caught)
- a syringe inside our front door lock (my brother found this when he couldn't get the key in the lock - and it turned out it was the local children that did it. These kids are younger than 10)
- windows hit with stones

There's more, but I'm getting worked up just thinking about it. Before 4pm today I'd already had to deal with drunk yelling in the close. We don't get very much sleep, as you can imagine, as this happens at all hours, every night of the week. My brother spends a lot of time at his partner's due to the effect this environment has on his anxiety problems. My cat is a nervous wreck, the poor thing, and of course, my mother's health doesn't benefit at all from this.

Also, I should add, as my mum has mobility issues, we needed a ground floor house; yes, we are on the ground floor of our block of flats, but there is a huge set of concrete steps to get to the front door as the building is on stilts! So needless to say, my mum doesn't get out much, and niether do I as I don't like leaving her on her own in such a place.

Now, I've had doctors write to the housing office, I've had the hospital staff and social workers contact them, too. Psychologists, nurses, even the council's own repair men have filed reports saying this house isn't safe, but still I'm stuck here writing yet another email to my housing officer. I'm at the end of my tether and I don't know what to do. Last year whilst mum was in hospital, I was told we'd be moved in 6 months; now they're telling me that it was wrong, they can't give a time-frame and I just need to wait for an appropriate offer.

Is there anything else I can do? I mean, short of consulting a lawyer, what other avenues can I look into? I can't go into a private let because I probably couldn't get the adaptions made to the house that my mum requires.

It breaks my heart to see her get so upset and to watch her health decline due to the issues with our living space. She tries so, so hard, but it's like fighting a losing battle.
Hi ,as a last resort ,i would go and tell your council you can not look after your mum any longer in the house they have given you and if you don't get rehoused they can look after her .
That should put the willies up them .
Hi Tania
What a dreadful situation you are in. If you click on the 'help and advice' button at the top of the page you will find the number for the helpline and the e-mail address. Copy your post onto an e-mail and send it to them or try ringing (Can be busy). Hopefully they will be able to advise you.
I moved house twice because of noisy neighbours, but that was just loud music. I would never have coped with the things you are putting up with.
Good luck.
Apart from the Carers UK Advice Line (as suggested by Elaine) you can also get advice/support from Shelter on all matters relating to housing (you don't have to be homeless to ask them for help)

http://england.shelter.org.uk/?_ga=1.88 ... 1454183929