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Jury Service

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<snip> I said S/S DIDNOT COULD NOT PROVIDE 24/7 CARERs IN MY ABSENCE and that I could not fund either a short or extended period for replacement of my care.

I received a very civil letter saying under the circumstances and with my age in mind ,{I was within the upper age limit for service} my name would be removed from the list of people who could be called.<snip>
Those are more or less the grounds on which I was let off. These people are not IMHO heartless or stupid, they just want a very good and clear reason to be able to say "yes" to you.
I also have call up from Jury Service while I was caring for my wife with severe dementia. I wrote to JS that I could not take up even caring at home and at a respite care centre six weeks on rotation basis. I still take my wife for a walk while she was at the care home. As dementia care is 24/7 when carers come at home, I still have to be present. Above all we want to spend what time left we would like to share all through and through. When these were stated,JS excused my services. It is like many of us carers(some already mentioned at the Forum) once explain to JS they fully understand the carers' position and shift of priority in life at certain juncture although we care about and would like to help where we can in the society.
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This happened to me and I explained the position , that jury service requirements , there on time etc and if case was long could not manage to continue and if night/s away from my duties impossible.
Regards Sue
Thanks again for all of your encouragement - no news yet from Jury management team. I will keep you posted when I get word.
A decision about whether or not I am elligle to attend jury service was made in just 15 minutes today.
I am a full time carer for my partner, who is disabled following a stroke 10 years ago and Rhumatoid Arthritis more recently. I got a form 2 days ago to fill in and return to say that I was available for jury service. Because of my partners lack of mobility I have to attend to her frequently during the day. It is going to be very difficult if I am away all day doing jury service.
I sent an email, ellaborating on my daily tasks, to the Jurers Management team and also mentioned that our Doctor is sending me a letter confirming my partners mobility problems. But despite all this I got a reply within 15 minutes stating] Unfortunately, at this time, being a carer is not grounds for exemption. I would therefore be grateful if you could complete and return your Form of Return in the pre-paid envelope provided.[/i]
Is this the usual response to carers or has any other carers received a sympathic response to their situation?
I'd end up having to take my kids out of school (because I couldn't be there for when they come home) & bring them with me to the court. My mum manages a few hours the odd evening but she can't take over from me.
Great News!
I got a phone call this morning from the Jury Service and a lady told me that because of my circumstances I would be made exempt from Jury Service. What a relief!
She actually said that they don't normally consider exemptions at this early stage. She said that they had posted out 26000 forms and they would only have time to process the applications where it had been stated on the form (people that have been in jail etc).
She said that exemption requests like mine would normally only be looked at when the person is summonised to attend court. She said that my circumstances would have been looked at sympathically at that time. But she went on to say that because I had already sent in a letter, and a letter from my doctor, explaining my situation that they appreciate my difficult circumstances and she was going to grant me an exemption from Jury service.
Thank you all for taking the time to provide me with some useful advice and encouragement. It kept our chins up during this worrying time.
Great news!
Glad to hear your good news, and also that you haven't been left to worry for any longer
best wishes xx
So pleased for you