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Jury Service

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Catja, well done!!
Thank you for all of your useful advice.

I liked your story too Catja. Funny thing, a few days ago, we were thinking that I may have to take my partner into court with me. We were joking that we may have to interupt court proceedings every so often so I could take her to the toilet. I would like to see the judges face if I stood up and said . . . excuse me . . . Could I . . .

I have sent the form back with another letter and the Doctor's letter and I'll see where that gets me. If that doesn't work then we are thinking of contacting our MP and see if he can do anything.

Any other advice and encouragement is very welcome.
Two years ago, i was called up, I was caring for my Mum who had broken her hip and told them she couldn't manage without me which was true. They were so helpful and said I could either be deferred or exempt. In the end I was exempt as Mum, sadly did not recover. but they were really helpful when I phoned up, and did it all over the phone.
Phoebe x
I was called up for Jury Service for the first time ever only last year. Being profoundly deaf, I thought I would be automatically exempt but was surprised to learn that this was no longer the case. For years, the deaf community have been fighting for the right to be a member of a jury (gawd knows why!) because they felt discriminated against. Image It used to be the rule that you couldn't have an interpretor with you since they would effectively become a 13th member of the jury. Now, however, you are allowed some means of interpretor if required under the Equality Act 2010.

Even so, I returned my forms explaining that I was profoundly deaf, a non-signer and lip-reading was tiring. I also added that I was a carer for my disabled wife and provision would need to be made for someone to be with my wife should I have to attend.

Thankfully, they exempted me.
Thank you both, this is encouraging. I hope our Jury management team is as understanding as yours.

I don't think I would be very good at sorting it out over the phone, Phoebe. I am a very shy person and find it difficult talking to people. I feel I can explain things better in writing. My partner is more confident on the phone and we think that she might be better explaining our situation to them on the phone if nothing comes from my letters.

Sorry your Mum didn't recover from her broken hip.

All advice and encouragement is very helpful.
Hi Derek,
hope you don't have to wait too long to hear about the jury decision. Try not to worry until you hear from them, I think the authorities often send out automatic replies which are not personal to your circumstances, and probably the letter you had wouldn't take into account your situation. Once a 'human being' has to reply, you should get some common sense! I know what you mean about the telephone, and I think it is sometimes better to have it all in writing anyway. I always keep a copy of letters I send too.
best wishes, Lesley x
It seems to me that you need to spell out exactly what part of your situation makes it unreasonably difficult for you to do jury service.

In my case it was less that I'm a carer, and more that I'd cost a lot in expenses and keep having to leave the court room because of my caring responsibilities.

BTW in the words of my sister in law (who has a lot of contact with courts because of working with the Immigration Service): "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst."

Also one thing which my English teacher said in the last lesson he gave before the exams:
"Don't be afraid to state the obvious. I might know that you know it, but the person reading your answer doesn't." Image
Hi Derek

Wishing you all the very best with this. I feel they will listen once it's all written down and has the GP's support.

I would be taking my mum into court, too, if I were still a carer. She would never allow anyone else to care for her.

I do believe it will be sorted out for you, though, and yes - if you have a good MP it's a good idea to get them to take this up for you if you do encounter further problems x
Thank you all again for your advice and encouragement. I will keep you posted on the outcome of the Jury management team's decision, following my letter I posted last Monday (I think they should have received it on Friday (8th)).

All advice and encouragement is still very welcome.
I too was called for jury service and wrote, as the first writer had. Ididn't ask for exemption but said I could not see how I could attend, particularly if the case became long or Jury members were held from home, as can occur. I said S/S DIDNOT COULD NOT PROVIDE 24/7 CARERs IN MY ABSENCE and that I could not fund either a short or extended period for replacement of my care.
I received a very civil letter saying under the circumstances and with my age in mind ,{I was witin the upper age limit for service} my name would be removed from the list of people who could be called.
Clearly there is some way to deal with the situation .Perhaps a younger person could ask to be removed from the list for an agreed period,
Sue Wales uk