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Hi I receive pip because of hip dysplasia and mental health issues. My husband gets cares allowence and claims income support for us both on the grounds of this has been claiming for around six months before I was the main claimant for esa but found the medical assments were to stressfull so we we advised to change to income support as he was getting cares allowence for looking after me so we did. When he claimed he had an assement on the phone then a week later an interview with a job coach which I expected but then 6 weeks later he had to go to another interview which I though was weird so he asked them in the jobcenter and they said the rules have changed and he has to go every 6 weeks for first year to work based interviews even though he is a full time carer for me . Then we just found out he had another appointment this Thursday which he had to change as he's taking me to the hospital in London and was told by an advisor on the phone they can stop his money if he didn't attend . I got on the phone and said it was for a medical appointment and that the reason we claim income support is as he's my carer and that I receive full pip and I have hospital that day . They were very rude to me and implied they were about to re arrange the appointment but they may not do now, so I handed the phone back to my husband and they did change the appointment but I am gobsmacked at this treatment and want to know if this is actually allowed? What are our rights as I can't get through to the helpline number and it does not say anything on here about rules being changed. As far as I was aware it was one appointment at the start for income support and every three years after that .we do not have any children under 5 my son is 12. And nothing else has changed since we started this claim. Can anyone advise me about the legal rights concerning these interview ?
Hi Emma

I'm sorry you have been unable to get through to the CUK Helpline on the phone, unfortunately the phones lines are often oversubscribed. If you can't get through we recommend that you email them - they aim to get back to you with answer in 3 - 5 days working days. Their email address is :
Emma, horribly distressing and especially that they were rude to you ,but of course you always have to remember that they don't give a bxxxxer and their ONLY concern is to save themselves money (ie, get your husband working and 'off their books').....

I'm sorry you found the PIP assessements so distressing, but can that not work in your FAVOUR - ie, shows how 'not well' you are. My niece had her partner with her to support her through what was a real ordeal for her (MH and other hard-to-diagnose formally complaints such as FM/IBS etc) and in a way that actually HELPED her get the PIP approved.

I do hope things work out in your favour. There are quite a few folks here on the forum who have 'battled' in the way you have, and they may also have some advice/recommendations/support for you, in addition to the experts on the Carers UK itself.

Wishing you all the best, Jenny