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Jettisoned on the sea of life

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Took my husband to his mental health review this morning, two months late as the last appointment never arrived in the post.
Consultant asked a few questions, nodded, wrote a few notes, consulted her laptop, asked if I'd had a break - NO!
Then said that they were closing his case. He was no worse since diagnosis, wasn't going to get better and didn't fit into their system.
He has amnesic syndrome which they have defined as 'short term memory loss'. Yet to me 17 years is not short-term. We married 17 years ago, he has no memory of that or most of our lives since. Yet their 'psychological testing' says that it is non-progressive so he won't progress to 'true dementia' so we are ineligible to be taken on by the dementia services, anyway in our area he's too young as they only accept patients 65 and over and he's 60.
I feel that we've been jettisoned over the side of the NHS, a body that I've worked for as a nurse for the last 38 years, and will need to keep working full-time in for several more years to keep the mortgage and bills paid.
So much for the Carers assessment 11 months ago that said I needed urgent support and regular breaks!
I'm well aware that compared to many of you my life is 'a walk in the park' but at the moment I'm desperately treading water in the waves and doubting that I can keep afloat for much longer!! Image Image
Sue h-sorry to hear that Sue-didn't anything concrete result from your Assessment?If not it may be beneficial to relay how you are feeling now and your need for a break-and keep re-emphasising that fact-you have to attend to your own needs for both you and your husbands sake's.
Look after yourself
Sue, who carried out your Carers Assessment? I'd contact them and ask about the break you were assessed for and what is happening over it. In writing, of course.

As for the diagnosis, I can only guess that perhaps the meaning is that he has a loss of short-term memory, rather than a memory loss that has been short-term?
as one who ran a drop-in,at one time,i know the value,the support,the fellowship,a local mind association can bring.its of huge help,as you may-well allready know if theres an lma near you,do seek them out.