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Jamie oliver and obesity - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Jamie oliver and obesity

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We always eat healthy but it doesn't always keep the weight off you as most of you know my wife Pat is in a wheelchair ie Amputation.
and many more complication's caused by Diabetes and only a few week's ago had an Heart attack.
Pat was active when younger and in recent years before thing's started going wrong but now cant really exercise we signed up at the gym but then Pat had the heart attack but now Pat starts at the Cardiac rehab on the 27th of this month.
We were told at the induction that Pat should not do any exercise till after the first session then Pat will know what her limitations are.
So Pat is hoping that she will be able to lose some weight as at the moment even on healthy eating Pat cant shift the weight.
We have a lot of stir fry mainly vegetables with a little chicken and a small amount of Olive oil no salt only herbs and a dash of lemon juice.
But like most of us we buy the best we can afford.
I am about a stone overweight and Pat about the same but like all of you we are trying to lose it.
I am the only one in my family who is overweight, so obviously food is okay.I much prefer cooking things from scratch,due to the family diabetes needs. (Easier to count carbs).I am also the only one who is a fulltime Carer with no time for anything else.

I do wonder about what we expect from a meal now. My daughter and I went out for a day Christmas shopping yesterday. First time since becoming a Carer that we have ever had a day just for the two of us.We went to the PIzza Hut for lunch,as they used to do nice pasta meals. I had meatballs with tagliatelle, and m daughter had a one person pizza. She managed half, as the portion was so big, and I left about half of my pasta meal. Also,her diet coke looked like it was a pint, and she only drank about a quarter of it. It was a terrible waste, but do others eat this amount, or are the Pizza Hut wasting vast amounts of food?Next time we will go to M and S and have a jacket spud!

I cannot get any support from the council for such things as swimming, except in Carers week each year.I used to swim daily, but could not afford £1.30 a day now, and cannot get to the pool very easily, as it is only open to the public out of school hours, when I am always on duty caring,plus the changing facilities are not appropriate to take my son along with me, which I did until he was about 14. He needs help to dry and dress himself,and without the facilities, I cannot do it.

I have recently written to our new holiday village(Bluestone), to see if they would offer any discounts for Carers, but no such luck.A swim there, out of season, is £7.95 a session!

I am now researching local walking groups, as it would be safer if I could walk as part of a group, around the Coastal path, as I enjoy walking.I am very envious of my DS son, as he goes horseriding every week, as well as mucking out the horses, grooming,etc. He is very fit,and well within the normal height/weight range.He walks a lot too. We are lucky as his support worker is a keen ornithologist, and they do a lot of bird watching and small animal tracking, together. Dr is always surprised by him, as they expect most people with DS to be very overweight. (Should think your son is very fit, Excalibur).
I can relate to all of your problems - until about 10 years ago I was 3 stone overweight. I joined a slimming club and went from 12st to 9st in about 7 months. I kept the weight off reasonably easily for about 8 years. I retired and started caring about 2 years ago and in that time I have put on a stone. As I'm only 5ft 2in tall and have arthritis in my spine I can't afford to carry any extra weight.

I'm now re-joining a slimming club (I realise that for cost considerations this is not suitable for everyone !) - in particular Slimming World - their diet is very easy to follow, doesn't include calorie counting and uses all the foods we normally have. You can get a reasonable idea of what is involved by looking at their web-site or getting hold of a copy of their monthly magazine, without having to pay out to go to meetings. Basically you have 'red' days or 'green' days.

On Red days you eat lots of protein, i.e.meat, fish, cheese, eggs but only small amounts of carbohydrates i.e. potatoes, pasta, bread, rice.

On Green days it's the other way around - large helpings of carbs with small helpings of protein.

You can eat as much fruit and veg each day as you wish - as it's counted as being FREE.

Plus each day you are allowed additional 'healthy extras', like yoghurts, milk and high fibre foods like cereals, crispbreads etc.

It is a very simple, healthy way of eating and shows results - plus you are never hungry. I've found it a very effective way to lose weight and so have a number of my friends and none of us are what you would call exercise freaks. The most exercise I get is pushing the hoover round or walking to the shops !
Cheapest way to lose weight fast?

Take a three week cheap return flight to India, stay in a cheap hotel, travel around a bit and see the sights, enjoy the local cuisine and watch the pounds just disappear! (but don't ask where they went - !) Image
Firstly I have to say I have never had a weight problem so have no idea what it is like trying to lose weight - though I suspect that if you're like me then stress is the answer - extra stress ensures I shed pounds without trying - and I want to keep them!!!
I did recently come across and idea that many people claim works well for them - it involves keeping a food diary for your own benefit -you don't have to show it to anyone else at all - then reviewing the diary regularly to see where you think you could make conscious changes. (I have tried to get my friend to do this - and to use the five bar gate system for recording all the sweets she eats from the drawer of her coffee table! Image )
Exercise as a carer is hard to fit in - the only suggestions I can offer are things like exercise bikes so that you can use them at home when it suits you.
I do think the obesity problem of the modern society needs tackling and applaud initiatives that hope to improve things - however the norm will always be that carers are left out entirely- as usual!

Last point - on the changing facilites at the pool - under the DDA they have to make reasonable adjutsments to allow you to assist your son with changing- even if this means using a staff changing room - go and ask them what adjustments they are going to make!
I have had a smile Boggle at your suggestions. My husband and daughter had just suggested a walking machine for me!One of my biggest difficulties is the hanging about and waiting, during each of my caring roles, and a walking machine can be set up in our living room, and I could walk while waiting. Monday to Friday, I can be waiting for my son's departure and arrival for 5 minutes or one and a half hours.I begrudge spending a lot of money,but that is simply because I would prefer to be out walking, so I am going to give it a try. My husband says he will have a go too, and see if it will help his back and legs.

We went Christmas shopping a couple of days ago, and I was horrified at how tired I became very quickly.(I was with my daughter, a non-disabled person, who walks pretty quickly!)

I am also considering returning to Slimming World. I lost 4stone in about six months, due to it being a time in my life where I had plenty of space in my life for walking.

The only time I lost weight due to stress, was the year after my eldest was born with Downs Syndrome. I breastfed, worked fulltime, and couldn't drive so walked back and for to work. I became underweight without ever cutting down on food.

Everyone contributing here, has helped me take a step back, and realise that if others can do it, with their difficult lives, then I can too. So, thanks everyone. Image
go for it girl - you have nothing to lose but the weight Image Image Image Image
Lazydazy - being a carer can effect your fitness levels in many ways - we moved to a bungalow nearly 12 years ago and my ability to do stairs is not longer what it should be - on the rare occasions when I do stairs my knees suffer!!!!!
I had never actually considered this as a downside of bungalow living!!!!! Image
Keep it up girl - try ebay for that walking machine!
For the person who loses weight when stressed - I suggest that for many carers the opposite happens.

Interrupted sleep is known to raise cortisol levels, which (among other things) induces weight gain.

No room for a walking machine or any exercise equipment whatsoever here. Can't take my caree with me when exercising because of his condition (M.E.). Nearest swimming pool is in a v dodgy area, and a bus ride away. No concessions for carers in this borough.

Did a food diary leaving nothing out, it didn't help.

I've never smoked, I hardly drink (2 units a week at most), we never eat out or have takeaways or ready meals (because of a food allergy). Everything is cooked from scratch, high fibre, low fat, low salt, low sugar, no red meat, no saturated fat... you get the picture.

I realise that intimate activities might not burn off a day's food, but they certainly burnt off some (instead of none, as it is now).

I do far more walking, lifting and carrying of heavy stuff than before I was a carer, but there just isn't the time and space here to exercise hard or often enough. Come and have a look at this overcrowded 1 bedroom flat if you don't believe me. Haven't even got the floor space here to lay out fabric for dressmaking, that's how cramped it is. Image
Treadmill arriving beginning of next week!I have already decided where to fit it into my day. 8.30 am until my son is picked up.

Catja,I understand how you feel. It is so frustrating,especially when you know you are eating correctly.

Thanks for the support everyone! Image