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All I wish is that everyone, young and old, who is in the same situation as Jade Tweed, got the same care and support that she's getting. How many of those people can sell their stories/photos to the media and be paid thousands of £s for them. Hardly any of them, of course. It's wonderful that her boys will be 'provided for', but they would still be 'provided for' without the extra cash from OK magazine. They don't need these vast amounts to be well brought up, balanced individuals, their father and step-father will certainly take care of them as best they can. I just think about the other people who don't have the luxury of media coverage and financial gains.
Quite agree and a good post.
I don't care that it is Jade,other then as i have already said that i didn't care for anyway.
Simply that she is dying is not going to change my views,that would be two faced.
I have also pointed out that there are many avenues she could have gone down simply to provide for her boys.
I simply do not belive that is her reason,it is simply her wanting again to be out there n the TV,which if she wishes to do so then fine.
But if she wants that then she and others must accept that many people will have an opinion on that choice.
As to the effect it may have on girls getting smear tests on time yes,great.
But that does not have been any intent of Jade,you DO NOT need Max Clifford for that,any TV show would welcome with open arms some one known to the public, suffering as is Jade to come on the show and tell her story and urge girls to get the test.
But of course she will not do that as she has signed an exclusive deal that stops her. Image
If she did that and appeared on a couple of shows and gave her fee to charity then i could accept she has some higher motivations,she ain't so i can only conclude she dont.
The ones I feel sorry for are the ones who are being badly affected by all this through no fault of their own. The hospice where she has spent the weekend is surrounded by police and press. People going to the hospice to visit loved ones who are dying are having to prove ID to get into the place and at the moment there is no dignity for anyone there.

Yes it's good that awareness is being raised and that more people are demanding smears etc, but it is robbing others of dying with dignity, and making it difficult for their loved ones to visit them in peace.
This could all have been done in private with filming instead of disrupting the short time left for others.
this is what I don't understand, how is Jade story being told stopping ordinary people with the same problem getting proper support?
No one thinks she is the only person with this awful disease, infact many people have appeared in the press and on the radio to tell their stories, something they would not have been able to do without the Jade story.
I didn't realise the thread was about whether or not we liked Jade as a person, personally I have no thoughts either way as I don't know her.
Did anybody on here actually watch Big Brother 2002 that Jade appeared in thus making her famous? I did. She was very interesting to watch. She was regarded as a bit 'thick' by the media but made good viewing.

To see her come from the young girl then to the young woman she is now breaks my heart as to what has happened to her.
My personal opinion is that the only winners of this media circus are the owners and shareholders of the publications to whom Jade Goody has sold the rights to follow her final days and the PR who set the deal up.

Jade Goody cannot win, she is dying and the pressure to "perform" is likely to become unbearable as she becomes increasingly ill; her children cannot win, they are about to lose their mother, a loss no money can assuage; her husband cannot win, he is going to lose his wife; the patients in St Clare's Hospice, along with their families and friends, cannot win, a generous donation should one be forthcoming cannot make up for the disruption and distress the press are causing them; and her neighbour cannot win, now demonised by the press how many of us can say that we would not become weary and even angry at having the press permanently on our doorstep.

You could argue that by lowering the age of cervical cancer screening as a result of the Sun campaign a number of young women will get earlier diagnosis and treatment but does it really need the death of a celebrity to highlight the issue?

I am no expert on Jade Goody, we do not have a television and I do not generally read stories about her in the press, but there is something exploitative and distasteful about the whole issue and I wonder if it is right to offer a young woman money for following her journey towards death when she is still in shock at being told that she has only a few weeks to live and is about to leave her children.
It does not "matter" that other people may not have the same access to the same sums of cash as Jade,but at times it seems unfair.
As to the media and her pressure to preform,the same media and in some cases people who would have attackted Jade for her "race" problem with the Indian actress are now almost elevating her to saint hood.
I simply don't see what all the fuss is about as many people have the same or worse fates out there.
I feel it is sad that simply cos "she is on the telly" that so much good will is being poured out.
Why,feel regret for ANYONE suffering and move on,most people don't know her,it will not effect you or your life so why bother.
Now,today,someone will be dying from cancer,as i type this some poor sod is slipping away.
So why is the feelings out there for someone in the same situation and anyone knows just as well as the other poor sod slipping away.
Frankly that attitude is beyond me,i just don't get it Image
I also think the celebrity Big Brother that starred Jade with the Shilpa Shetty incident was done for the good viewing it produced. It may have looked malicious but Jade being Jade, probably thought the viewers watching would enjoy a good argument which she became famous for. I don't think she had any problem with Shilpa. It was all an act.

Just a personal opinion. Image
to all...try the off button when it`s on the tv.
and change your paper.
Then we will be pushing the off button to the point of hardly worth having a TV!
We are living in a celebrity culture, people are interested in the most trivial of things such as what shoes and bag are the must have's on the basis of Victoria Beckhams shopping habits.
At least for once the celebrity hungry public will have their minds turned to the most precious comodity of all, health and happiness and one cannot happen without the other.
then dump your tv and save on licence fee.
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