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Hi all,

I am in a bit of a dilemma and if anyone could offer me any advice I would be grateful.

I employ a private care agency to administer personal care to my elderly mother and a couple of months back I was shocked to find the carer (also the owner of the agency) had brought her two boisterous children with her and was flitting between my mother and her children. I told her it was unacceptable (she agreed) and never to let it happen again and it didn't.

Today one of her carers brought her 9 year daughter with her as she 'had no choice'. The owner was there too (my mum requires two carers a time) and she apologised and said it was a one off. I asked her not to allow her carers to bring their children onto the premises as I only have insurance for two carers however she completely ignored me and just started tending to my mother. As far as I am aware if any of the carer's children hurt themselves while on my premises I would be liable ...is that correct? I don't want to have to pay more on my insurance for their children not do I see why I should. Any advice? Thanks, Rachel
The agency should be responsible for the health and safety of its staff and should be fully insured to cover any accidents which happen in the workplace, i.e. the clients' homes, if something should happen to one of these children they would not be covered. You only need Employee Liability Insurance if you are employing a carer or PA directly and not through an agency.

It is totally unacceptable for paid carers to bring their children to work, what would they do if they were working in a supermarket or a factory, the fact that they are entering domiciliary settings is no different, it is a place of work. I suggest that if it happens again you report the agency to your local social services department, presumably this agency is on their list of approved providers, and I would make it absolutely clear to the agency that you will not tolerate children in your mother's home under these circumstances and remind the agency that it is their employees' place workplace not a creche..
You made a good point about you wouldn't take your children to work at the supermarket or any other workplace. I freelance part time and I can just imagine my client's face if I took my children with me.

On one hand I do understand how hard it is for working mums but as you say, it's a working environment. Thanks for the good advice.

Excellent advice from Parsifal.

We used to have this problem during the school holidays when my folks lived in a house with a huge garden, it was assumed by the carers their children could just play in the garden, but the strangers distressed my poor mum it was awful.

Now dad is in sheltered housing with no safe fenced garden area so the wee ones have to go elsewhere whilst their mum`s are at work.

Take care
Hello Rachel,
You and your Mum must be treated with respect and dignityat all times...

Private carer agencies have to following Domiciliary Care Agencies Regulations 2002 and Quality of Service Provision Standards and must be registered by law if they carry out personal care.

Get to know your rights by reading the following!


http://www.dh.gov.uk/prod_consum_dh/gro ... 018671.pdf

http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/DisabledPeo ... G_10034402 Image
Hi Meg,
I can relate to your story. Mum has the onset of dementia and she too gets distressed at strangers ... sometimes even members of the family if she haven't seen then for a few weeks. I do understand the their predicament but it's a business arrangement and for the amount of money I am paying them each month I don't feel I owe them a place for their kids to play. Thanks for sharing Meg. Rachel

Hi Entity,
Wow, thanks for the links .... there it is in black and white, National Minimum Standard Regulation No. 13.13.1 "taking any unauthorised person (including children) or pets into the service user’s home without permission of the service user, their relatives or representative".
That is one handy booklet to have ... thanks very much. Rachel