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ITV Carer of the Year - Carers UK Forum

ITV Carer of the Year

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
Each year millions of viewers celebrate the unsung heroes of our Nation on ITV1 at the Daily Mirror Pride of Britain Awards. This year for the first time, ITV will highlight and reward the work of over six million carers across the UK by asking viewers to help choose the winner of one of the most prestigious awards of the evening, the ITV Carer of the Year.

Throughout July and August, ITV will be asking viewers to nominate individuals who go to extraordinary lengths as carers. The category is broad, nominations can be for individual carers or care workers, children as well as adults, foster parents and of course carers involved in front line health or emergency services whose extraordinary commitment to others is over and above the normal call of duty.

The 17 regional news programme winners from all over the country will then go through to the Daily Mirror Pride of Britain panel of distinguished judges who will select the overall ITV Carer of the Year to be announced at the Pride of Britain Awards in October, an individual whose compassion and dedication to helping others is an inspiration to the Nation.

Nominations can be accepted at www.itvcarers.com so cast your vote now! Nominations must be received by 15 August. For full terms and conditions, please visit the website.
And as usual 24/7 carers are excluded -simply by the fact that winners need to be able to go to London for two days. How can we do that when we can't even go to the shop without a sitter??

you got in before me i was going to post the same reply.
Maybe it is churlish to gripe about awards aimed at people who do a good job caring, but...

Yet again, 'Carers' are (ie unpaid family and friends) are being confused with paid care workers - they have even used the '6 million' figure normally given for carers to cover both. I do believe paid care workers who do a good job should be highly valued - heaven knows they are b----y hard to find!
I have a number of problems with this:

1) ken's point is absolutely true (I've already mentioned this on another site)

2) There are 6 million carers - forget care workers for the moment - who absolutely deserve this award. Yes, I can think of a good few people I'd be willing to nominate, but why single out only one carer?

3) It doesn't get away from the fact that the award offers nothing practical, and allows for paid workers (an insult to carers who get next to nothing) to get in on the act.
The award should be given to ALL carers...it is truly invidious to single out one individual on the basis of an online beauty contest. After recent scandals, I'm not sure whether any of us have any confidence in polls like this anyway.
If they go ahead I bet the winner is young, female, and physically attractive!
Once again all us pittance Carers are been cast aside.

Like me and all the other posters l am sick and tired of the nicey nicey approach and this continuing depressive and poverty stricken role we all do out of love for our disabled family.

I am tired of continually have to justify what a carer does and the patronzing attitude we all receive from government is appalling.

What do we all have to endure this day in day out fight for Carers Justice and this degrading treatment we all receive.

Anne McGuire mp does not have a clue or does not want to really know what our major problems are loosing houses in major debt and all the miserable existance we all go through 24.7

We will not see any change or we will all long be dead and forgotten to make any change if it come to our lives. ahahahahahahahahahah. what more can l say

I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand I feel its about time that Carers were recognised and its long over due, it does show that Carers are more on the agenda than ever before in my 12 years of being a Carer. On the other hand I too was very disappointed that the term Carer was used including Care Workers ect.. Made me think they are still not really getting US!!
I thought as some people object to this competition and i certainly do for various reasons, here are the details of the team who are running the event, the pride of britain awards ( Carer OF THE YEAR AWARDS ) i shall be emailing my views etc on the event.

Tonyxx Image

Awards Creator
Peter Willis: 020 7293 3000 peter.willis@prideofbritain.com
22nd Floor, Pride of Britain, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AP

Pride of Britain Team

Event coordination
Anna Brunskill]anna.brunskill@trinitymirror.com[/url]
20th Floor, Pride of Britain, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AP

Press and media enquiries
Rupert Smith]rupert.smith@trinitymirror.co.uk[/url]
20th Floor, Pride of Britain, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AP
OMFG, another one lost to the ivory tower of capitalist excess...when will they ever learn?
You know, there are some addresses that just wind me up, and after the last Carers UK AGM, Canary wharf is one of them. No-one working in this plastic and reconstructed carrera marble fantasy land can relate to the rest of us mere mortals in red brick suburbia or rural Britain...they have already lost the plot.