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am i wrong?

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now being not so rolling in pennies i started putting food away for christmas for me and the girls, pack of mince pies/ biccies/cakes ect a thing each week with the shopping

i tried stollen for the first time and got a very small cheap one (£1.50 sainsburys) and now i want to eat it, its consuming my thoughts! all i can think about it eating it!!!!! i doubt the girls will like it but am i wrong not to even try and hold back the need to scoff the whole things?
and so far my chrsitmas box is just various cakes Image
Come to the dark side,we have cakes Image
Call it quality control, and hopefully enjoy your cake.

Christmas is just another day with or without cake.

Take care
i feel christmasy this year,
i have lost family
but gained strong friendships

i have no money but have bargan hunted and brought out of love not to keep up wigth the joneses or t stop other peoples kids moaning they didnt get all the best stuff like others

I CANT WAIT! and the stollen wasnt as good so i ate it to save the girls from it Image
True devotion from a loving mum.

Take care
they dont like mince pies much either, or chrostmas cake... i better get munching lol
If you feel nutritionally challenged,and a stollen is playing the keyboard of your thoughts,theres only one answer really.
Do you have an Aldi or Lidl near you? Their stollen is the best. I am biased, cos I think that you can't beat a good German cake or gateau, they're the best I reckon.
As for Christmas, well just go for it, girl. Nothing wrong with bargain shopping/charity shop-shopping, it's kinda fun coming away with a load of stuff for not much money. Michelle and I always feel so pleased with ourselves after we've done that. Ryan loves to bits, the tractor posters and brochures which my farmer's wife friend sends to him, they all go up on his bedroom wall. His 'dad' (LOOOOOOSSSSSSSEEEEEE term) intends buying him a camcorder for Christmas and Mic and Shaun are aghast at this. His 'dad' only spends money on him, never actually plays or talks much. They normally buy presents which they can all get down on the floor with and play together.

It's not the money you spend, it's the time you spend and that's what's making your girls the lovely, caring, thinking young ladies they are.
Hey Pixie, It's the marzipan, it's quit addictive (in a good way).

Lidl to a nice biggish on that's not too dear, they also do small panettone (Italian Christmas cake), not expensive either.

I have a good recipe for a 'mincemeat cake', it's easy to make. Let me know if you would like the recipe.

I'm glad you are feeling christmassy, hope you have a good one (if it's not to early to say so).
Pixie, I agree with Fran, if I buy a stollen, it comes from Lidls.Much nicers flavour than anywhere else.
Our Daniel had lots of things for his 1st birthday, but his favourite?A thing that looks like a helter skelter for balls to roll round,and fun flashing lights. My husband paid £4 from a car boot sale for it,and Daniel plays with it every day. It has got a bit complicated when he experimented with pushing the TV remote control down there,but my daughter managed to take it apart and put it back together again!
Your girls have a wonderful Mum, and there is no shortage of love in your home and love is the most important thing in the world.