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its just a forum!

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
Pixie, it is lovely to see you here again, even though you are struggling.

(((((hugs))))) to you and your precious girls, especially Amy tonight. xx
because of my mum being so pally with my ex and telling him everything i told her not to conscider mea s her daughter any more, that i loved her and was sorry but i cant handle all this.- ..
i wrote to her to tell her how well amy and cerys r doing , i feel like shes choses HIM over amy, cerys and amy r a package and to see one and not the other i think is awful and amy was so close to my parents and thought the world of them. now shes asking to have her mobile number changed incase nanny gives HIM her number, ive told her i doubt she will , and that she does send her love, through HIM but as amy said- they know my number and email and havent bothered

ont he plus side though i dont feel like i have to make any one proud of me so am rather happy living me life... got far too many good things going on
It sounds to me as if your Amy is more grown up than the grown ups who act like children. That doesn`t include you, i am very very proud of you. You are a wonderful mum to your girlies, with or without family help.

Take care
love ya meg! xxxx
Thanks, you have me with tears in my eyes now.

Take care
awww meg,
u r loved to bits, u always say summin nice when i feel poop!
Wont be long now till we hear about Olympic Torch Rin. Praying you make it through. Everything is crossed.

x x
We've all been here with you through your struggles, Rin. Your Amy and Cerys are a credit to you, you kept them on as much as an even keel as you can through the upheaval and it shows.
People who are no good, are no good to you.
Move on UP into your futures. Image
i feel for cerys- shes being used and shes a person in her own right.. she has her likes and dislikes and she is stubborn (god knows where she gets that from!) could b a small force to be reconed with in a couple of years!
It's a place to have a good old natter, or a moan if you want, and not be alone,, and I love a good old chat,, Image Image Image Image Image Image