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its just a forum! - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

its just a forum!

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
Don't mistake "kindly" for "pushover", Scally Image
do battle with Mother Theresa
.............. I doubt that will ever change, especially when L pays me to give you a good hiding now and again Image Image Image

Pixie, I don't think people understand how friendly and supportive the forum is and how relevant it is to all our situations.

What has it to to with anyone ? As a Carer, you have very limited access to R&R, or being able to talk to friends. The Forum gives you an opportunity to enjoy the company of people that can empathise and understand you and give non judgmental support. People that are not Cares, can't appreciate the importance of the Forum to a Carer.

It's about the opportunities that you have to talk to other people, not about whether you should/could be 'nicer' (let's face it we all could/should, at times) we're people first that happen to be Carers too.

It just goes to show these 'pen pushers' dont know or really care about the people that they are supposed to be helping, and supporting. It's just a 9-5 job to them, all they want is to gain brownie point with the 'pen pushing, been counting' bosses

BTW I'm please to hear from you again.
They are only jealous they have to work and can`t join our happy gang whenever it suits them!
We have our own online family here. Image
Don't worry Rin. Despite what others might say, we love you, love each other and it's good to have you back again and stories of Amy and Cerys.
Hope things are improving and that you, yourself are feeling ok.

"It's just a forum", indeed. Image Image Image Little does he know!
Maybe it is "just a forum" to him. I doubt he's ever had to truly walk a mile in our shoes and wear the t-shirt.

At the end of the day the only person who can ever begin to get an inkling of what caring feels like are those who are out there living it day in and day out Image
I thank God for this forum, it truly saved my bacon!

Lots of lovely kind hearted, yes even you Scally Image , people, always ready to put you first, even though they may be really hurting themselves.

Thank you everybody, your ruddy amazing!! Image
i cant see how sitting on here chatting is bad, none of us are on all day long (we couldnt!)

ive had an excellent day, issues with other things r just put to one side,, but then to read in cerys contact book that amys nanny and grandad went to his house as he had cerys today but made no effort to see or speak to amy even though they where round the corner! Dont care about me, broken my trust far too much but amy is a child and a silly message written by ex in the contact book is not good enough by a very long shot! And amys reply---- dont trust nan any way, dont really care i had a good day with u and michelle (our friend and my honoury sister)
how she can stay so strong i dont know, but i think deep down shes broken hearted,
but this is just a forum and the fact ive just spoken about something thats bothered me is most proberly wrong even though i feel alot better for getting out in the open!