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Boy, am I learning the ropes, but it is SO very difficult!

My story is a sudden fall into the world of handicap, and dementia - like Alice falling...... know what I mean?

I am in proactive,stop sitting back and feeling sorry for yourself mode.

Last week I phoned lots of official bods and got a few things rolling along, like why I had not had a Carers Assessment and what my rights are under the Care Act.. amazing what you discover when you start to look under the carpet!

Today, I was sat thinking... and wondered about WORKING TAX CREDITS what were they, and were we eligible?

So, I rang them up - the best time to ring is on a Sunday, if you don't want to wait too long - so it seems. The number is 0345 3003900

Armed with just a rough idea what I was talking about and my national insurance number I phoned.

It seems my income has plummeted enough to warrant an award of £18.90 a week now. But also, if my 'poor ould fella' is awarded the higher rate of AA ( already on lower rate) then my Working Tax Credits could go up to £43.68 per week - well!! What a surprise, that will almost make up to Carers Allowance that I don't get. We have already applied for higher rate AA, so maybe in with a chance.

Amazing! watch this space
Great success story, another triumph for this web site . :D
Great news Mary. Just shows you don't know till you try. Glad you were able to be proactive.
Great stuff Mary. Well done! Small victories all add up.

Do you pay Council Tax? If so and you haven't already, call the council and see if you are entitled to a reduction/exemption.
If your husband has been diagnosed wirh severe mental impairment, then he is EXEMPT from Council Tax. If your husband gers AA then you will be eligible for Carers Allowance if you meet the other criteria. Our Carers UK helpline will be happy to go your finances with you.
Your husband will be entitled to 25% CTAX discount for "severe mental impairment" but don't forget to claim your own discount of 25% as a carer. You will still have to pay 50 % CTAX assuming it is the just the 2 of you in the househol.
Thank you one and all

I am on a roll as the Council Tax was my next target. I cannot get Carer's Allowance - too old - but watch out Council Tax Office, here I come ................. :evil:
I am also making a formal complaint into the way my poor ould fella's hospital discharge was handled.

The mood I am in at the moment, they will all be sorry they ever heard my name....... :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
I believe that by making formal complaints we can save others from the treatment we've had, and so make a difference. Keep up the good work.
bowlingbun wrote:I believe that by making formal complaints we can save others from the treatment we've had, and so make a difference. Keep up the good work.
Thank you BB - I will.

Do you know, I think that Carers should form a political party - there are enough of us to get a couple of seats in Parliament and stir things up a bit !