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it mattered to her. - Page 5 - Carers UK Forum

it mattered to her.

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now i must be a glutton for punishment venturing into this stormy sea once more.

for what its worth im going to just try,again,to explain my whole thing about this thread.

now it might get everyones goat but i have to tell you,

the following things just do not concern me in the context of the point of my starting this thread.if they are issues for anyone elkse here,thats fine,but in the context i began it,they do not relate to my simple starting point.

so,for the essence of the starting point of this thread.

the scandals of the church do not concern me,in this context.

the personality,nationality,history or anything else to do with the pope does not concern me,in this context.

who believes in a church,a god,creator etc does not concern me in this context,

none of the above relates to the meaning,premis,starting point of the thread.sao,for me,have no bearing upon it.

whatever you added by way of your own opinions etc,is no concern of mine .your views are your own .

my sole purpose was to simply reflect to my fellow carers how my caree was greatly cheered by the tv coverage of these events.

it mattered to her,she is catholic,and,as she cannot go to such events due to illness,she enjoyed the coverage.

i reflected the mere fact of her being really happy,cheered,as i said.joyous.i reflected how affected i was seeing her so happy.that,mattered to me.

i hope that settles why i started the thread,why i wished to,what i meant.

your views
Thanks for that, Maxi
I'm so happy that your caree enjoyed the coverage of the pope's visit. Sometimes, even simple things like that can make such a vast difference to carees feelings and thus make life a little easier for a carer.

Seeing a caree smile for a while can make us realise that our job is wortwhile after all Image
Image Image Image well worth it Maxi, and it cheered me up too.
Im pleased my rambles seemed to sort-of get over what I was trying to say with that initial statement long long ago,seems like centuries,since I began this thread,i thankyou for the kindness of your reply.

Belief is a very personal thing.I would never knock anyones beliefs and I feel that "Belief" as-such,in terms of any sort of discussion of anyones "Faith" was not where i was starting from at all.

For some,im sure,Strictly or An England,Scotland,Wales or Northern Ireland Soccer or Rugger match would lift the viewers spirits,or whatever a person enjoys on tv.

Maybe,in the end,I was fumbling to just say,when any caree is unable to go-out much,engage in a social life,TV can be an important thing,no substitute for getting out by any means.

But,maybe,for things that interest the viewer,whatever the event,it can just bring a bit of happiness to ones cared-for soul.That was really all there was to what I was saying.

I was very sad I seemed to start a bit of a spat.I really hesitated,as I said,REALLY did think,though,clearly,not enough,before I comenced the thread.

Maybe,as so often,in my joy at how my caree was doing,my surprise too,I made a right mess of how I put it.Im very sorry over that.

For the record,Both my caree and I are Catholics,but that,honestly was not even relevent.

It could have been just as pertinent to say the fact my caree was very cheery,though not as much,by the BIG Brother Finale,as she followed Big Brother.

I wasnt really focussing on the Popes visit,as such,just its positive effect on my caree.

Aside from that very cheery pain-free feeling she enjoyed,and the happy feeling her joy gave me,I was happy too because,for a very short couple of days,some of the ecconomic gloom of TV news over and over was absent.I did not miss it.

That was all I wanted to say about it.Thankyou for your kindeness to me.