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it mattered to her. - Carers UK Forum

it mattered to her.

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i honestly was avoiding this topic.i saw no merit in non-productive discussions on who believes what,or who thinks its a costly fiasco,non-event,or great thing.

the only reason ive touched on this topic is the reaction of my caree,it mattered a lot to her.

seeing no other thread touching the topic,i felt,better not go near.i guess,i dread you lot,on this one,anyway.

so,only way i can say this is to just blurt out that i am respectfull of all your views and i do not say in anyway mine or those of my carees are the only views in town,far from it,these are only our views.nothing more.

my caree really did embrace,enjoy,at a distence,things being as they are,for her,with limited mobility,the popes uk visit.

she was moved,and very happy to see the events on tv.

im not dealing with cost,what the pope said,did not say,any of that.

make of that whatever you will,i observe one thing,the net effect,a positive uplift for my caree.
it mattered to her,she benifitted.she is the better for it.
Anything that makes our carees feel any better is lworthwhile isn't it?
I am pleased for you, as it will have boosted you as well as her.
.."never work with children or animals,never discuss politics or religion".it seems to be such a bone of utterly pointless contention,i dreaded even saying anything touching-on religion.i should not feel that way,i know.my thanks for your very kind responces.

you seem to have grasped my point,which was not one really about religion,as such,anyway,which was the joy,and joy it was,my caree has felt over seeing the pope in britain.for her,seeing it on tv,was a true delight.seldom has she been so upbeat in ages.
for her it was a real boost.
for me,seeing her so happy,was great.
i take my bath,tonight,happy that she has been so joyous.to see her smile,forget her daily pain,and to feel better was a great thing.
I thought it was absolutely wonderful and certainly lifted my spirits, set me thinking again about youngest and whether it would be possible for him to make his first communion. We used to have an elderly priest here whose brother was severely autistic he was absolutely wonderful with our situation and so gentle with my son.
i felt it was a compete waste of time and tax payers money. if the church wants him to visit there should pay for it all, not expect us all to pay for it.. i afforded the news on tv etc as that was all it would have been about.. if he was here visiting sick or disabled people or homeless people then i may have felt differant on this.
It was a state visit so the host Country pays just as it does with all state visits and I'm pretty sure there must have been some very questionable people who brought no joy to anyone in this Country but we all still pay, interesting that this one should raise the hackles, although nowhere near as much as those who lined the streets to welcome the pope.
i knew the very mention of the visit would bring the vexed matter of money into play,and its fair coment on pauls part.

i said at the outset i was not dwelling on such issues,and im not.

i make one remark,i did not expect myself to make.

for once,when he was here,even i,ardent cynic,wearied by the daily stuff of life,even i was uplifted,even i felt better for it.

i make one final remark about the cost.indirectly.

the great uplift,the renewal,the better feelings,the plain old joy the visit gave my caree,the net effect on her wellbeing,outlook,overall health,the fact she is just buzzing right now,happy,yes just happy,you cannot put a put a value on that.to see her smile,be happy again,i just think that is worth every penny of the trip.
i can understand that and the fact it was a state visit but was it worth us paying over £14 million for it. those who did not want him here would have be kept well away from the area he was in. there even banned some billboard adverts because of him. those who wanted him here should pay for it. it was only a state visit as he would not have came here otherwise..
very oddly,as i reflect on it all,i think,unlike before the visit.when i was so negative re the cost etc,i am now of the view that,in the recession,when we are all the time on and on and on about money,cuts,more cuts,war,etc etc,just to pause just to not hear yet more political stuff,i found it very interesting,and i do feel,for the reasons ive stated before,yes,it was,in the end,in my view,worth the cost.
How can people of that faith bury their heads in the sand and ignore Ratzingers cover up when he was the head of the renamed Inquisition and the moving of the priests to continue their abuse elsewhere - that is what i genuinely do not understand. I am not a Roman Catholic I was brought up as an Episcopalian but am now a Humanist/athiest.