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It is official.................Meg is a numptie. -Carers UK Forum

It is official.................Meg is a numptie.

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Hello everyone,

Have had the most awful day. Posted the bit about the article in the Edinburgh Evening News and had to rely on someone else putting on the link. I have had access to a pc now for about seven years, so decided it was time to learn how to do this for myself.

Don`t ask what I touched................but I have lost my bookmarks, including OH`s engineering drawings for his beloved lawnmowers, a webpage about fixing up old Fords and my carers log in.

The whole top line seems to have vanished, so I can`t go back a page or type anything in to google.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received. My IT expert is away until 2nd week in January but I remember him saying you can reset to go back in time to restore lost things, but wouldn`t begin to know where to look.

Hope someone can help out this daft numptie (silly person)

Take care
Sounds like a job for caring mind - try pm'ing her in case she's missed your post !

I know sometimes I hit F11 instead of the brackets key and end up with a full page and no toolbars - you have to hit F11 again to get it back to the way it was - might be worth a try ?
Thank you Susie, the F11 did just what you said it would do but didn`t restore the missing top line.

Will pm CM to have a look for me, thanks for the suggestion.

Take care
lololol.........answer in post, Meg. That was a good idea, Susie, it's just that F11 gives you a full window which is excellent to give you more viewing space for the page you're looking at Image
hehe, as soon as I read this post, I thought "Someone's hit F11" too, Susie - I freaked big time the first time that happened to me Image
Oh if it were as simple as F11, I could cope with that.

Can get the bookmarks back with Alt+F together, but they won`t stay at the top of the page and the google box on the right hand side has disappeared into the wide blue yonder. Thank you for your advice so far CM, but is there a simple more permanent solution?

Off to the numptie corner again.

Take care
oops. I do things like that all the time....usually f11 does the trick.
ive jut had the mother,father and grandparents of a bad two days,too furious too raging to relate why where how,right now,might weave a thread to expunge a bit,thats later,right now,you hang in their.
Meg, one of these might solve your problem:-

If you are using Windows, hold down ctrl and shift while you press "B"
If you are using Mac, Hold down Command and shift while you press "B"

Hope that helps Image
Thanks for the help, I'm hoping that I've helped her sort it now! Image