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is this the end?

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Today was the day at 9am this morning, my FIL went to heaven, it was quiet a long drawn out process, but it is now over and he can be at peace.
Then his hour has come, Carol, and he is at peace finally - his long painful fight over.

Let us hope and pray that the long lost wife he called for has welcomed him home........

And that both of them are praising your husband and you fort he care you gave him on his journey there.....

Kindest wishes at this time, Jenny
I hope you can find some peace now. You have been a wonderful daughter in law.
Thinking of you and your husband
Carol, his suffering is over, he put up a brave fight. Take care of yourselves now, try not to get overwhelmed y the paperwork.
And you should also find some rest, now. You've stayed the course. You still have the flurry of post-death stuff to do, until his funeral is over.

Then you'll have time to relax. {{{{{{hugs}}}}}}} for both of you.
So sorry for your loss. Take heart that I think he knew he was ready.
Condolences Carol on your loss, such a sad time but now he is at peace and you have done all you can.
Thank you all for such kind words, I told my husband he is the bravest man i know. He was strong and calm with his dad and that his dad was now at peace with his mum, he spoke to his dad the whole time and we are sure he could hear. We know he knew what was happening although confused at times the day before all the people that were close to him who could visited him and he nodded to them, at one time our youngest daughter was holding his hand on one side of the bed and our oldest son was standing on the other side, he held his hand up to our son and said hold me. That is our sons lasting memory of his grandad which is lovely. Our daughter and an old family friend of his choose to be with us/him until the end and she also was able to talk to him all the time we all had stories and he was able to listen to us all about old times.

I am still a carer I care for my mother so hope I can remain a member of this forum as I have found it so helpful.

Once again thank you all for your kind words.
So very sorry to hear of your loss.
Carol, this is for current and former carers. There are many mixed emotions after a caree has died, and grieving begins.
Six months afterwards can be a "low" point just when you think the worst is over, so don't be surprised if this happens to you, or your husband. The feelings will pass.