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Is this the end? - Carers UK Forum

Is this the end?

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My father was taken into hospital last night having returned from respite dehydrated and taking little fluid or food. He is now on the Medical Assessment Ward and his bloods show kidney failure. The doctors have told me that it is possible for this to be reversed if dehydration is the cause but I'm not as confident as I once was. Nor am I sure as to how devastating this condition is.

I do know that he has been on a high protein diet and internet searches seem to suggest a low protein diet for kidney problems. He has never had any problems with his kidneys in the past, and I'm wondering if too much Fortisip Protein may have triggered this? I'm not really sure what good posting about this will do TBH, I'm just curious if anyone has any experience of this.

Hi David
I'm sorry I can't really help with any answers but I have found a special kidney forum which may provide some asnwers if you haven't already searched on there.
Welcome to the forum. I'm appalled that he was so poorly looked after in at his place of respite. I hope the doctors are following this up? Make sure that dad has a "NHS Continuing Healthcare Checklist Assessment" before he goes home - tell the nurses and doctor asap. He should not be discharged until a proper care plan has been drawn up.
An update.

My father was given fluids and his kidney function returned to 93% and he was happily eating for two days before aspirating on Friday night / Saturday morning. He seemed to get over the worst of it and was starting to look his old self again when he passed away in his sleep at around 6:30am this morning.

I really didn't expect it to hit me this hard but every time I see his bed I think about how I'd sing a silly little song as I cuddled and rocked him on the bed.

Sadly its in the nature of dementia that we start caring for an adult and end up losing a child.

Hi David
So sorry to hear of your loss today, it will no doubt take a long while before you find a new normal and you Dad will be in your thoughts all the time for a good while to come.
Dear David,

so very sorry to hear of your loss' my thoughts are with you and your family.
My thoughts are with you David. Be gentle with yourself in the coming weeks xxx
I am so sorry for your loss, you and your family are in my thoughts.
Hi David, sorry to hear dad has passed away. In time you will be glad it was very quick at the end, but it is harder for those left behind. Now is the time to be kind to youself, proud of what you did for dad. Don't hold back the tears when they come.
Thank you all for the kind words. I realise that it was best for Albert to slip away peacefully in the night; it still hurts mind, but then emotions aren't logical things.

Unfortunately I now have to dive into clearing my fathers bungalow out (right down to ripping out the carpets) without any delay as New Charter start charging immediately. TBH I can't afford both the funeral and punitive charges on top.

http://www.newcharterhomes.co.uk/neighb ... ath-tenant

http://www.newcharterhomes.co.uk/neighb ... ut-service

They go on and on about human rights, but this doesn't feel very humane to me, two weeks grace would have made all the difference.