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is this dementia/alzheimers

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My regular caree I have noticed more and more they don't seem to be taking things in, every Monday I goto Morrisons weekly shop.The caree knows this but asks when am I going shopping Monday, next day when am I going shopping Monday.
I see my mum on Fridays, when am i seeing my mum Friday?
I am being asked every day the same questions which my caree knows the answer to but just keeps asking.

I have tried bringing this up that they are asking me continuous questions, apparently i have not told them, of course i have.
Surely they can remember that on Monday I bring around their shopping, No I don't do that, yes I do.

They are getting more and more forgetful and argumentative.
Sadly, sounds like it.
yes sorry but have to agree


In my experience, those closest to someone in the early stages of dementia/Alzheimers who have known them for a long time will know it well before any tests will prove it. It certainly sounds like it to me, but your caree may well pass any tests done to establish the fact.
Sadly, it sounds like it to me too. There is a remote chance it could be a urinary tract infection, which can mimic dementia.
Personally, I would get the ball rolling on tests,.
Who is it you are caring for?
Some doctors don't see any point in giving an official diagnosis of dementia, unaware that a formal diagnosis means
    that person becomes exempt from Council Tax,
    entitled usually to Attendance Allowance (if over 65) or PIP if younger
    entitled to additional Income Support/Pension disability premiums.

    So write to the carees GP, explain what is happening, and ask them to take appropriate action. In some areas there is a "Memory Clinic". How old is the caree?
    caree 73 caring for a friend but they are getting more and more confused, they are not getting much sleep so that probably doesn't help, restricting their fluids and not eating much.
    all of which isn't going to help, they see the gp regularly had a medicine review last month, the GP didn't notice or didn't say anything.
    The Gp's are often locums so you don't see the regular gp.

    I can write to the GP but don't think they will agree to go to a memory clinic as there is nothing wrong with their memory according to them, it's me not telling them.
    As I say I am a person of fixed routines, go main shop on a Monday, I just top with the shop nearby, you just would thought they would notice fridge empty on Sunday, Fridge bulging with meals, milk etc on Monday.
    If you write to the GP they are duty bound to take note, even though confidential information can't be given out. Most people with dementia do not believe they have it, whatever is wrong is always someone else's fault!
    I think you will feel better for informing the GP.
    Yes, write a letter to the GP saying what you've told us. You say you are a carer, but is this as a friend, or a professional? Whichever, does the caree have family at all? If so, write to them too!

    If you are not a professional carer, it would perhaps be wise to get in an experienced care-worker who has worked with dementia patients, and who can probably tell at once what stage this poor woman is at. When I checked my MIL into a care home, the manager sat her down to have a cup of tea and a 'chat', and by the end the manager was able to tell me pretty accurately just what stage she was at in her dementia, and what her worst/least worst affected areas were.

    As for managing your caree, I would try not to argue or correct them. They are losing the ability to see or know 'reality' and it will either annoy or distress them to be 'corrected'. Try and find 'neutral' replies, or change the subject. It's tricky, I know, but they CANNOT (as in their brain just CANNOT) process information accurately any more. It seems like they are getting 'difficult' but it isn't their fault, however exasperating!

    It will require the patience of a saint to keep looking after them, alas....