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Doctors in hospital.

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Can any of my fellow carers tell me if there is a procedure where, when my husband is taken ill and admitted to hospital, my name is recorded as his carer, not just his wife, and I am involved in any decisions they make regarding treatment or changes in medication etc. At the moment, they insist on talking to him and (a) he is very deaf and doesn't always pick up on what they are saying and (b) he gets very confused, doesn't know who they are, or what has been decided on. He then gets cross when I have to try and get info out of him as to what was said and by whom. Usually by the time I get in to visit, the person is long gone,, could be Ot, Physio, or Doc. I know the protocol is to speak to the patient but he would much rather leave it to me to deal with. Can he sign something giving me permissionto be his first port of call. I have done this with the Tax people who send any paper work to me as he hasn't a clue about anything.
Has he ever had a Mental Capacity Assessment? If this found that he didn't understand things properly, then I think the hospital is duty bound to find an advocate (i.e. you) for him.
No one has ever mentioned it. We had to have a mental health nurse visit him in the ward when he was recovering from his stroke as he was seeing things that weren't there. She said it was delerium. He has had a couple of bad episodes since, the last one 3 weeks ago when he thought henhad had a conversation with the police on the phone while I was out. Complete garbage ofcourse. The CPN nurse visits him at home every month or so to so how he is getting on and I can phond her if necessary. Maybe I should ask her opinion about getting him assessed. It has got to the state that whatever he tells me when he is in hospital, I then have to verify it with some one in authority and not just take his word for it.
I suggest that you find out more about a Mental Capacity Assessment, Google would tell you more. My son has severe learning difficulties, and care staff would continually ignore me, and support him to spend more of his money than the budget I set - £240 one week, with a budget of £100!! Our local Social Services didn't want to help, but finally a senior officer visited my son and assessed him, with a proper report at the end. It was so helpful, especially as it supported everything I'd ever said. That he could express his wishes but didn't understand the consequences of his decisions, especially where money was concerned. Staff were effectively given the responsibility of managing M's money, the duty to say "No" to unwise purchases, with the aim of staying within budget. Sadly, I've never been able to find any agency that kept to the budget, or even understood how to write up purchases accurately. That's an ongoing saga. Especially annoying when I used to handle a budget of thousands of dollars (in Australia) and could get the books to balance to the nearest cent.