Is there a UK wide Carer Card?

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Hi All,
I am travelling to Australia at the end of the year to attend the Rugby League World Cup. Whilst trying to buy tickets for some of the games I have been told I must present a carer card to receive the complimentary ticket. In the UK I always provide a letter from the DWP which is always accepted with no trouble but it seems this isn't the case in Oz. This is really frustrating as although I am not in a wheelchair it can be really difficult for me to get around, I commonly book an ambulant disabled ticket in the UK and then present my DWP letter for my carer so I can be placed in suitable seating (relatively level access but not an open space for wheelchairs). As I do not have a full time employed carer (this falls to my boyfriend/family) the name changes a lot so I have never looked into this. After much googling I'm possibly more confused now than I was at the start!? :-???
Kind Regards
I suggest you contact an organisation such as theRed Cross who may be able to help you

You could fabricate one yourself using tools on the Internet.

Or a charity?

Or ask the Equal Opportunities, what used to be Disability Rights Commission
I would write to the organisers and explain there isn't the same system in the UK, but you can prove you are disabled.
(In Australia I know that anyone over a certain age gets a "Seniors Card" which entitles you to all sorts of discounts.)
Would the Blue Badge be acceptable, I wonder?
Basically (& unfortunately) there isn't a nationally recognised "Carers Card" in the UK.

Some local authorities issue an "in an emergency" card to Carers giving details of who to notify if the Carer should be involved in an accident but that's about it :(