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Is it worth it?

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Hello all,
Have any carers of ASD children (son has ASD, Severe com disorder, moderate to severe LD and behavioural difficulties) gotten the Higher rate mobility component of DLA?
I have just gotten an award letter (after the 4 time asking them to reconsider and providing loads of evidence) were they have put his care component up from middle to high on the grounds that he needs help with bodily functions during the night and day. They have left mobility on the lower rate (I was asking for higher) according to them "he needs help while outside in unfamiliar routes"...of course he needs help from the moments he steeps out the door at all times, he can become aggressive and challenging, his latest thing is hitting me or anyone around every time I don't give him my full attention. I have to go with my sister or a friend to help as we might have to restrain him in public transport, etc.

But he is able to walk and move around. Maybe I am wrong but is seems incredibly hard to get the Hither mobility component if they can walk?
I've been doing some research and it seems he fits the point for severe behaviour problems (along with mental impairment, and hight dla care)...but is also says that the behaviour needs to be manifested both and other places...like school, and that is a problem for me because I am not in good relations with the school (due to having to fight non stop for statement, proper provision, keeping the speech therapy, etc) I know he has displayed challenging behaviour at school but every time they get asked they (doctors,school nurse, challenging behaviour team) say he is doing great and his behaviour is good! The clinical sicologist is telling me things like he needs more structure, visuals,routines, etc like what happens in school, timers (he has broken I don't know how many) All this been doing for years. I feel like I won't get any real help from them ...well back to the DLA.
If you are a parent of a ASD child and got the higher M. component, please let me know how you did it and who help you with it. I'm struggling to find someone to help me with this, I get looked wrong for wanting the higher rate of mobility because my son can walk (and yet he has thrown himself into a river and in front of cars, shouts at the tops of his lungs in public transport, shops, can kick and hit any time...it is very difficult to be out and about with him.

Thank you for reading and sorry if it sounds confusing...feeling tired of fighting one more thing Image
welfare rights can help also cab
tried CAB already and they said they could not help, might try again if there is nobody more specialist. Don't have a welfare rights in this town, the one in the nearby town told me they can only help people living in their town...
Mobility component
This is the criteria they work on.

Mobility component Level of help you need
Lower Guidance or supervision outdoors
Higher You have any other, more severe, walking difficulty
https://www.gov.uk/dla-disability-livin ... -youll-get

You might also get it if you]www.gov.uk/dla-disability-living-allowa ... ligibility[/url]