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Is CUK fighting to keep CA for those who want to keep it? - Carers UK Forum

Is CUK fighting to keep CA for those who want to keep it?

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CUK got us this in the first place, so why arent they fighting for it to continue?
Evening/morning Tinker,

I think each and everyone of us is fighting in our own way to keep it Tinker but not in its present form.The amount is a disgrace and the restrictions placed upon it actually contribute to keeping many in poverty.

What changes would you like to see to CA?
What would benefit yourself?
I dont mean personal details,just what changes to CA would you be happy with?

Off to bed now so will see your reply in the morning or should that be later today Image
Hope you and yours are well.

x x x

Morning Rosemary,
I certainly dont want to loose my CA. Pittance that it is. Yet better than nothing.
It gives me something in my own name and in my own right, also identification that I am a carer. It gives me my pension stamp protection too.
I would like it to be classed as a qualifying benefit for things like educational courses, entitlement to community care grants for those of us who's carees live in the same household yet are penalised by the system because we arent getting benefits in our name yet are classed as providing a service for our carees, yet our carees cant claim for anything even though they are recieving income support because they are not the house owner.
CA gives me the right to carers leave and flexibility at work, (for the few hours I can manage to work ) which CUk has faught for!
Is this going to be lost if ca is abolished?
Carers who's carees live in the same household cant be paid dp's for caring for them.
This is wrong, it stops the right to choice for carees who want their family members to care for them , for those who are able to cope with it.
And, is the right to choice going to be kept for carees who dont wish any involvement with S.S (and their carers)?
I need my CA entitlement to carry on. If CUK is the voice of all carers, why cant they protect those of us who need this?
And, the overlapping benefit rule abolished for those of us who still care after retiring.
Hi Tinker,
I can understand that knowing that the government is looking at pretty much everything to do with being a carer is a scary thought: it shows the level of trust the government has earnt over the years, I suppose. Image

But they are looking at the things that carers have said - and much of what carers have told the government is the same as you've mentioned, for example:

Recognition as a carer and protection of your pension.

Carers leave and flexible working (most carers who are working would prefer this to be more enforceable - the case that has recently gone to the European Court of Justice may force the government to do this). These are enshrined in law, and although they could in theory be repealed, they are not connected in any way to Carers Allowance. Carers working for more than the cutoff for Carers Allowance can also request carers leave and flexible working.

Abolishment of the overlapping benefit rule, at least for carers of pension age.

Some of your other points are a bit more of an issue, I suppose:

Personally I agree that if the government wants carers to get into the jobs market they should make it easier for those who want to work. One way would be to give carers on Carers Allowance similar concessions for further education to those available to the unemployed.

The community care grant system is weird and wide open to interpretation, but if you are in receipt of Income Support you are eligible to apply: I know of no condition demanding that the applicant is the house owner - other than for help with decorating or house repairs, maybe.

The direct payments question is interesting because it is certainly possible in law to be the paid carer even when you live in the same house - but only if you have a level of expertise that would be near-impossible to find elsewhere. Yet if you live next door you can be employed! It is a daft rule and needs to be sorted out, especially if the government is keen to see direct payments used more widely.

The only way to "force" someone to take help from outside is where they do not have the capacity to make the decision. This is extremely rare. Everyone has the right to choose, and it would be wrong to take away that choice: can you imagine the uproar? But choice goes both ways, and it is up to the carer to exercise their choices, too. Nobody should be forced into caring against their will and carers can choose not to provide care. It's a tough choice, but it is a valid and enforceable one.

Please remember that CUK, like any other charity, can have influence with government but cannot force the government to do anything it does not want to do, any more than anyone else can. The best we can hope for, at any time, is that CUK can make the government see sense. After all, there will be a general election within the next 2 years...and it seems that the government is keen to make social care a major part of its election strategy.
NO carers uk in my mind seem to want to help working carers only the back bone of caring is done by 24/7 carers who survive just on the carers allowance if we stopped our work as carers and went to work and relied on social services and local authority to care full time for disabled relatives the system would never cope people like me who would have to work to live would have no option but to place our disabled relatives in to care homes at a cost of £900 - £1-200 per week it just aint gona work.

carers uk should fight tooth and nail for the retention of carers allowance but they wont they will only be to happy for social services / local authority to get all the cash and with carers uk help and advice decide who is disabled enough to get help and dont forget if your disabled relative just needs someone to sit with them and reasure them constantly believe you me they will be classed as not disabled and therefore need no help so on yer bike look after yourself


and for the government wanting to get carers to get back into the work place its the same old story who looks after your caree when your at work why should state pay someone say £15 per hour as they charge in newcastle for a sitter to enable me to work for say £5-60 an hour come on lets get real many web sites talk about neighbours helping to care ? or voluntarry groups its just a load of tosh .
When people start asking the government for more money they say they will look into it then they start scare mongering by saying they will change the system of payment.
Then people get worried that they are going to lose what little they are getting people start to complain about the possibility of losing there pittance then after a while the government come back with we will guarantee you wont lose your C/A people are pleased the government tell us you didn't think we would Just drop you like that people say thank god for that we are not going to lose it.
It's cost the government nothing people are relieved they have still got it.
Government Say's it's that psychology it as worked again.
JOHNRJ true what gets me going is the fact that all political groups say the same thing carers are the backbone of care for the elderly in their own homes they say elderly/disabled should remain in their own homes with dignity should not have to sell home to pay for care therefore carers are vital we are the unsung hero`s they all agree we save the N.H.S. billions per year so how can they reward carers easy stop the allowance get them back to work put caree`s in some sub standard care home to rot away the last few years of their lives oh yes but it will be done with dignity.

when i was a representative for rail union from day 1 i said to myself if during any talks with the big cheese if 1 member lost out i would walk away from the reps job i was rep from 1973 till i had to retire 1997.
carers uk should adopt the same principal if one carer loses out they walk was informed by M.P. carers uk only represents about 1% of paid carers thats 8-000 members yet we have over 6-7 million carers both unpaid and those claiming the c/a/ got me thinking do carers uk realy have any clout??
I need my CA entitlement to carry on. If CUK is the voice of all carers, why cant they protect those of us who need this?
CUK got us this in the first place, so why arent they fighting for it to continue?
Because no one has said it is going to be abolished. I don't understand why you think Carers UK is standing around and letting Carer's Allowance be discontinued?

I feel I have to say this quite clearly as I am worried that new carers joining the forum will take what you say at face value and think Carers UK is happy for carers to lose their main benefit. This is not true.

No one has said it is going to be abolished. In my opinion all this sort of speculation does is frighten people without reason. We all agree Carer's Allowance is a disgrace, it is unfit for purpose. It needs to be changed. At the moment nobody knows what the Government will do.

Let's wait and see what happens.

MATT ive repoprted a couple of times when friends of ours have been told by social workers that the carers allowance will both be stopped and inceased one social worker said dont worry if you lose your incapacity benefit you can go onto carers allowance and it will even be inceased in april if social workers are confused what about us lot .
Thanks George it's useful to know where the confusion is coming from. As I say the facts of the matter are that no one knows at the moment. We expect the Strategy to published in May.