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inspired to write this from a picture i saw - Carers UK Forum

inspired to write this from a picture i saw

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I told my friend today how I felt
About the things I live without
I spoke to my neighbour today
To tell him what was in my head
I spoke to my doctor
To see if they could help
I told my councillor of my
Worry and my pain
But did anybody listen
No, no one at all.

In black and white it`s easier
Than putting it into words
You see I feel such a burden
On my family and my friends
Voices always telling me
That this life I know must end
Doctors always telling me
It all takes time to heal
Councillors I talk to
Never answering my call
The physical pain it never ceases
Always getting worse
Perhaps when I am gone they`ll listen
But much too late of course.

Take the time to lend an ear………

Sometimes an ear is all that is needed, just to say, "hey, you not alone"
Hey, you're not alone, Glyn. Please don't give up. You'll find plenty of people to listen to you on here, even if sadly that is not so true in the 'real' world.

All the best.

Hi Glyn, thank you for sharing your poem with us. Relate to your words and also know the power of the written word to help with dealing with feelings and emotions as have been writing a personal journal for a while.

I'm new here too and please know you've come to the right place where others including myself have had first hand experience of caring for loved ones. I know you'll find friendship and understanding here and take care, all the best to you.

Glyn, I suggest that you print this off and send copies to those who won't listen. Soon after I had counselling, I realised that the counsellor didn't know how I felt, and I couldn't tell him, as I was afraid that when I started crying, as I knew I would, I'd never stop. So I wrote it down at home. He was visibly shocked as he read it. I came across it tidying up last week, entitled Frustration.
So many people we, as carers, are involved with, just don't seem to have any idea of what our lives would look like if we were not carers. One of my major low points was when a social work team leader told me it was inappropriate for me, as "the parent" to teach the care providers how to keep proper records of my son's spending. I've only got accountancy qualifications, in fact I wouldn't mind betting that at the vast majority of care meetings I go to, I by far the most qualified person in the room!! But as "the parent" apparently I count for nothing?!
Hello Glynn
Very poignant poem. You honestly are not alone. Hard to believe at times I know. The forum helps.
BB. You certainly count for something! Being a good parent, great advocate and someone who understands for starters!
Soon be September :D