I have just posted an introduction on the new members section. My son is 12 with autism, moderate learning difficulties and was more recently diagnosed with epilepsy. We are due to see his Consultant Paediatrician this afternoon to discuss medication for the epilepsy. He is under a very good homeopathic doctor and is also on Risperdal for self injury/anxiety at a very low dose.

I myself was diagnosed with Bipolar 2 years ago now, its not the severe form, but nonetheless I have to take daily mood stabilising medication and anti depressants to help with the illness. These meds make me pretty tired at times.

Our current situation is that my husband and I had to pull our son out of his autism school back in January this year (he had been there 4 years) because we had started residential schooling there (weekly home at weekends and holidays) and it did not work out from day one. The first week he had his first ever major seizure because the fire alarm went off in the accommodation and had woke him from a deep sleep. As time went on, he got more and more upset and distressed about going to school and was vomiting badly - we had to take him out as he had had a breakdown.

Thankfully he is recovering well at home and is very happy and relaxed, but still gets anxious at times if school is mentioned or anything to do with school. My husband and I are fully prepared to home educate him and this will be entirely child led, when my son is condusive to learning. We take plenty of walks etc. to help our son (this helps my mental health too)!!

We have just recently received 6 hours of direct payments a week from social services and we have asked the authorities for tutor help in the home (but this we have heard nothing so far as it could take a while)!

I have just got in touch with our social worker for an OT assessment for equipment in the home to help our son with bathing and showering. She said she would do the referral but could take up to a year for him to be assessed!! My son frequently soils and wets himself and I am appalled that it could take this long on the waiting list. Perhaps others have had the same experience with this?

My mother helps on occasion with our son, but it is difficult as my niece lives with her and my mother is retirement age so her help is pretty limited really.

I guess I just wanted to know if there is any more help I can ask for our son and myself? I regularly see my own psychiatrist (well every 3 months) to review medication and have a chat - he is very nice too, but has expressed concern about our home educating our son which I was not very happy about and explained to him the circumstances.

Our own GP hasn't been very helpful either and said our son should be in school!! but I think he was particularly worried about my mental health and we assured him that we can cope and help our son. I just feel defensive when these professionals keep poking their noses in and having to explain it all again and again.

Thanks for reading thus far!