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Income support/carers allowence? - Carers UK Forum

Income support/carers allowence?

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Due to my mother's failing health over the past few weeks, I am now considering giving up my work to be able to be more available to her. She was awarded AA a few months ago but I now need to know if carers also qualify for income support and if so what is the rate?
Many thanks
P.S. I've not posted in a while due to not remembering my login details! but I did a search on my email account and, yayaaaa, I found them Image
hi yes you can get income support but it is based on the total income in the home. i get £12 a week as my partner gets i/c and dla. the other benefits to getting income support is housing benefit etc
As Paul says its based on what income you have coming in to the household.My wife is on ICB at the high rate and DLA also at the high rate and i get IS of £47 per week as well as my carers £53.90p

Another bonus to getting IS you qualify for free scripts and free dental treatment and discount on glasses and free eye tests.Your best bet is to ring the DWP and they will explain it to you and advise you as to what you are entitled to.Good Luck with it Image
Thank you for your replies:) My income will be zero as I'll not be working and have no other income coming in, plus I live on my own, my daughter is away and due to start Uni in Sept' so I suppose, if I get CA, I'll be entitled to Income support also?
yes you will be most likely to make your money upto the jobseekers limit.. good luck
John I'm being nosey here - but how do you get £47 IS - do you qualify for a bit extra for some reason? I don't get that much and the only other income in the house besides my CA is my daughter's ICB and DLA. Am I missing something?
i must be too as i only get ca and i/s at £12 a week