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Income Support and Carer's Allowance. - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Income Support and Carer's Allowance.

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I am with Scally on this one.

I claim CA and this will have kept up my NI contributions to allow me the state pension I would have received had I been able to work full time for the last 13 years. The DWP paperwork working out how the benefit is calculated is quite daunting and runs to two pages!

Adviceline or local CAB would be a good starting place.

Take care
The disabled person claim's DLA. The carer claim's carer's allowance .
Then this is the best bit !! The disabled person claims income support for the person that
cannot work due to looking after the Disabled person.
This is more straight forward as you do not claim care on ICS But can work out better for some.
That was what I was told to do.But now we have to manage on DLA and CA as I am no longer
Entitled to Anything and that means nothing and no support. So I Have to pay for anything the wife needs even prescriptions !!. I can say I lost £600 plus a month.
Through no fault of my own !!!. THE GOVERMENT STINK'S.
Dear ferretrider,
Have you had a proper benefits review with anyone other than the DWP, i.e. a disability rights group or Carers UK? Have you had a Carers Assessment? What support do you get from the Local Authority? How much longer until retirement? It's difficult to make any positive suggestions without answers to these key questions. Seven years ago I addressed the Carers UK AGM in London, saying that caring IS work and the DWP and the government needed to recognise this and pay carers accordingly. Carers Allowance shouldn't equate to Income Support, it should at very least equate to the minimum wage. Especially for carers caring without a break 24/7, the current level of Carers Allowance is an insult.