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Hi all,

I've just got a letter from IS stating that from
13th april I'll be getting £128.65/wk
then from the 27th of April (yes a whole 2 weeks) I'll be getting £138.40/wk
and then on the 4th jan 2011, its dropping to £78/wk

has anyone else got a letter like this or is it a hint that CA is going up?
I think you need to phone them up and query it. Most of the time their left hand doesn't know what their right hand is doing ----- then they put it down to computer error, as though the computer operator doesn't work there.

You could also phone up the care line at CareUK, they'll probably have all of the info you need, and also advice.
thanks i'll give IS another call this monday Image hopefully they'll have a answer.
Forgot to reply about this my bad.

Found out that the sudden drop is because my wife's DLA would of been ended (unless re-started) at Jan. I wish they would just let you know the reasoning behind any massive drops without us having to contact them. Also scary to think that if one thing changes then everything screws up for you.
This still done when you are awarded dla for live that is your wife i battled for 5 years for the life award for mum and eventually got it but they do not give it easily. you seem to have to put a bomb under their back sides to get it. everyone on this forum knows me and my utter hate for the likes of the people at the dwp the systems stinks t high heaven and they treat us all with condemnation and the oh we can give you that or this what a heap of sheit they will never change but fight them and ruin their day by phoning them daily to and moan and bitch.

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I agree,

We've done so many of these forms that its getting annoying. Every time we do it we feel scared they'll drop the award(s).

I know its not alot of money especially since we get a motorbility car so we've lost the mobility money. But its a great help when it comes to bills.
You can "moan and bitch" all you like, but I don't. If we had told our grandparents or parents in the 1940's or 1950's that by 2010 you could be in receipt of benefit, yet living in a home with central heating, a TV, washing machine, double glazing, and running a car, they would have been truly amazed. They were the generation who lived through the Great Depression and the second world war, and they really did have to get on their bikes, tram, bus, or walk, everywhere. In 1946 infant mortality was around 50/1000 - akin to third world countries. Now it is less than 5/1000. Then, men were considered lucky to reach 65 and even draw a pension. Now, many of us expect to reach our mid-late 80's - or even more.
Sometimes I think we need to look back with gratitude and relief to what our parents courage and the radical policies of Nye Bevan achieved, and realise just how far we have come. If only we had politicians with that kind of vision now, when we need them most - but the politicians are only as good as the voters who put them into power!
You can not equate today with yesterday. I can not imagine what life was like for the generation who lived during the great depression and fought the 2 nd world war we all owe them an unpayable debt.

But a comparison along the lines of "you never had it so good" just does not wash.