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Inadequate Care - Action?

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Liz, it's actually good that they have told, in writing, you that mum cannot move "because of the way the funding works".
You also have the name of the person who had decided this.
Have you met him/her?

Now you know this, you can challenge it!

It's too long ago that I dealt with CHC for mum to remember the exact detail, but I know that what I would call "boundary issues" are discussed in the Framework.
You can challenge this decision quoting mum's human rights, and also there should be a consideration of your situation too. You cannot keep doing these long tiring journeys.

Can you take videos on your phone? If so, I suggest you do this each time you visit.
Hi Bowlingbun,

Thanks for your comments and suggestions. The person actually made this comment about how funding works and placements needed over the phone. He seems very supportive generally but anyway I got his email address and sent an email explaining that what he had suggested (an intermediate and extra placement) would have a significant impact on mum’s wellbeing (a key term in the Care Act) and would not be in mum’s best interests. I haven’t had a response as yet but yes I also made it clear that I cannot carry on doing these journeys indefinitely but have been doing them in this crisis.

I have a good smartphone and so making videos might be an option if mum doesn’t object. I am writing this at 5.30am as I get ready for the latest trip…..