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In need of survival tips! - Carers UK Forum

In need of survival tips!

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My partners DLA payment is late. We've rung and theres been a monumental cockup. They gave his money the wrong person and can't give us anything til next Monday. We've used our rainy day money already (cooker died, its one of those years!). My carers allowance is looking abit gone and joy of joys we've got a Dr's appointment in the main hospital (£6 each way) on Fri which I really didn't want to cancel as its the one for his gammy leg but may have to. All we survive on is DLA and carers allowance (housing allowance and CT allowance but of course thats never in our accounts for bloody good reason), and yes the DLA should be used for disability based expenses but it doesn't work out that way.

So me dears. Short of sitting in the town centre with a cardboard sign whats the recommendations?
Last year this happened to us,without warning. When we contacted the office, they arranged for us to pick up a giro within four hours at our local office.(This was just before the Election last year, I hope thinkgs haven't changed that much).
I pointed out that my husband(whose benefit it was), is insulin dependent diabetic and needed food, and so we had to have money. Make sure that the office understands just how much you need the money immediately.
Thanks I'll give it a shot. Let you know how it goes.
Just a thought - can you claim for your travelling expenses? I know some people can if they are on income support or other benefits.
I'm sorry to hear you're in this situation - I do hope it's sorted out soon x
We had a similar situation a few weeks ago when I realised that my husband's AA had not been paid into our bank account since January, it took several telephone calls and failed promises to pay it into the account before it was sorted out. I dread reporting changes of circumstances even when they do not effect his AA, the DBCS always manages to get it wrong, on this occasion I reported that my husband had been in respite and gave the dates, the DBCS managed to overpay his AA for the respite by one week and then put him permanently in a care home which resulted in the nonpayment of his AA despite the fact that we had then applied for a supercession which clearly showed that he was living at home. I now have conflicting decision notices for my husband's AA and I have a DLA overpayment dating back three and a half years which I keep asking the DBCS to sort out, I have lost count of how much has been over- and underpaid in total, I just keep a contingency fund in the bank for when the DBCS demand the overpayments back Image .
The hospital appointment has been moved to Tuesday because they can't provide transport. Money wise theres a promise of "in by Monday" lets see!
Could you try getting an emergency payment from social services?
They have been known to do emergency loans, it might be worth ringing up and checking.
"Social services have a reduced budget and so are seeking to reduce the number of Crisis Payments" basically we aren't desperate enough yet, but we did get a food box. Who knew we had a food bank!

Ah well, don't ask don't get, but thanks for the suggestion mate
It is possible to get good food for next to nothing, if you are inventive, without resort to shoplifting. Some of the supermarkets almost give away the stuff that is "sell by date" for pennies - or chuck it in a skip out the back. I'm not proud, personally, I love driving a hard bargain, but luckily I don't have to do it to eat these days. The wartime generation were very clever at using cheap, healthy food like oats and cabbage, and I am always amazed how cheap liver is: liver and onions with mash and cabbage makes a great, tasty and nutritious meal, for pennies. As a student I lived on stuff like kippers, bread, margarine, eggs, beans and chips, and it didnt do me any lasting harm. But the most important thing is planning your budget and living within it.
mmm kippers! My weekly food budget is £25 and we live well within that, its just this once we were unlucky, my partner isn't that great with money and doesn't listen when it comes to his money. So my money (the carers allowance) has to go a long long way. I batch cook to save money, while the oven is on I'll stick in a couple of loaves of bread (cheaper to bake your own than it is to buy it) or dinner for the next day. I can make a large spag bol do for 3 meals, bulk it out with veg because veg is cheaper than meat, spag bol today, lasagne tomorrow, on a jacket potato for day 3.

Laura's bolagnese
454g mince
2 medium carrots grated
tin of tomatoes
one large onion
tsp mixed herbs
tbsp brown sauce
one bell pepper

if anyone wants my bread recipe ask. I'm happy to share.