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ITV This Morning

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ITV This Morning 24th May wants to hear from any young carers NOW.
If you know of one they ask that you please contact them.
This is with the PRTC and may I say how well Shan did with her live interview.
I thought that the interview was rather poor, when fern britton said to the mum that they were given a car because of her poor mobility shan did not step in and say that she was not given it, but actually paid for it herself out of her benefit, when given such a chance on television you would of thought that she would have made more of the chance to say how badly treated carers are by this government, even the agony aunt on the programme said she felt ashamed of this country, she said that we are a rich country and that if we cannot afford for children to have a childhood then this country and government is morally bankcrupt, how come none of the big charities come out with statements like that Image Any TV appearance should be used to really hammer home how this government treats carers, the new slave workforce, soon we will have kids going back up chimneys.

All the best Tony Image
Strangely enough I heard The programme mention on Wednesday, (spooky Image ) that they would do a feature on Young Carers and Carers who felt that they needed help, otherwise I would have missed it - so I made a determined effort to watch this feature.

On the one hand watching Kirstie King makes your heart bleed with sadness, she has a lot of responsibilties and is constantly busy, selflessly helping out her Mum and sister, all this whilst attending school and revising for her GCSE's. But she also makes me feel so proud of her and proud to be a Carer, as the way she runs her house and Carers, with such a depth of maturity beyond her years, would put a non-Carer adult to shame! I feel comforted to know that there are other Carers, like her too. She is interested in pursuing a career as a palliative care nurse.

What made me sad was when she was questioned on how she really felt on a bad day, she couldn't express herself and stayed silent...I admire her so much as she is keeping the family together so well, out of love and like one of the presenters said she is so clever to run the house and care too.

On a different note, what I found useful and a revelation to me was the advice of not to take no for an answer, if you come up against brick walls with the "powers that be" Image but simply try to take your grievance up to the next level and so forth..... Image It was suggested that Carers should involve their MP's if they needed help, and even getting Gordon Brown involved, if help was refused, (this applied to all Carers). Kirstie's family didn't have an awful lot of help and support - no surprise there then! Image

I think the programme was good to highlight the issues involved in Caring, I think if you haven't experienced what it is to Care, (and I wouldn't know about Carers either, if I wasn't one), you just don't know.

Here's the article if any of you missed the programme

http://www.itv-thismorning.co.uk/NewsAn ... 2278&tid=2