Impossible social worker/dictator

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Hi there. My Mother's social worker phoned me from my Mother's house last Wednesday stating she want to go to day centre, and respite. He mentioned something about dead-line, as her care plan is long overdue. He insisted the meeting would go ahead today with or without me. I emailed him about how I am dealing with lots of issues, so can't fit into whatever deadlines he stipulates especially when I knew nothing about it.

I'd hoped he wouldn't turn up today, he did. My Mother was in bed not well and didn't want to see him, which I relayed to him. He insisted he needed to check she was ok, and to hear from her, her reasons why. My Mother told him she didnt want to see him or speak with him.

On his way out this poor excuse of a human being claims my Mother doesn't want to live at home, and that she mentioned a specific care home; she doesn't know in reality anything about it. He claimed she visited there with a friend. And that she wanted to go to a specific day centre; when she refused to even visit there. I asked him if he read the email I sent; as that indicates when my Mother isn't well she is confused.

His last parting coment was that he'd have to get further advice, and that it wasn't over. I told him I know it's not over - didn't say it's only just begun, fund + games with another jobsworth.

Help! My Mother's advocate claims she has mental capacity, as she's visited her and spoke with her often - but she sides with the social worker/dicator. My Mother has dementia/alzheimers' as a result as Strokes. I have Power of Attorney for everything in place; that's why I tried to bar entry to this upstart, but he insisted he has every right to speak with her.
Isn't he awful. Maybe have a word with a solicitor about who has the greater rights?!
Dealing with "officialdom" is certainly the worst part of being a carer.
Typical case of putting thoughts into your Mother's head for convenience. Disgusting. As BB feels, a solicitor may be the best option? As you have POA, maybe seek the office of guardianships advice. Clearly the so called social worker is abusing his status.
Write an official letter of complaint to your LA, being sure to name names, whether they like it or not they will be forced to investigate the matter and if the person concerned has previous he will get a disciplinary.

At the very least it will keep him away from you for the period of investigation and rather than do the same again, he'll know you mean business. I know it's easier said than done, but the only way to beat a bully is to stand up to him and if his attitude is so bad, he may well have several complaints against him already.
This 'social worker' as an 'advanced practitioner'. Must be someone they've deemed most appropriate to deal with us, with him now being the 7th social worker since 2012. I've emailed CQC again.
Something I learned last week, a practitioner isn't a qualified social worker. Just a fancy name given by the Council to make you think they are important.

Important to know, I thought I'd been dealing with social services, when in fact it was a jumped up office worker crunching numbers on how much "mum was going to cost".