IMPORTANT INFO - Working Tax Credit changes

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If you are in a couple and receiving Working Tax Credits you may be at risk from increases the Government is making to the 'work requirement' (amount of paid work you have to do in order to receive the tax credits).

Carers entitled to Carer's Allowance should be exempt from the changes but need to check that the Tax Credit Office know they are a carer by this Friday, 6th April to ensure they keep their tax credits.

More info at ... ed-to-know
I've made this a sticky for this week, so hopefully no one misses it if it slips down the board.
rang them and they knew but thanks for the reminder,found out i will be £70 a month worse off because of changes to thresholds brilliant,it makes me wonder if i'd be better off waiting 13 weeks to get mortgage help then not be liable for council tax at all get a bit of income support and give up trying to manage doing a bit of work when i can,wife with alzheimers and arthritis etc,daughter with bowel problems(nids and bowel stopped working) waiting to find out if she will end up with colostomy.where is the incentive to work gone in this country!
Malc, that must be very stressful for you. £70 a month. That is a lot of money to lose.
lazy daisy it wouldn't be so bad if i could go work every weekend but end up working twice a month(understanding boss)so the £85 i earn after my fuel seems pointless,you'd have expected more off a prime minister with an understanding of disabled children,shop at lidl so be very surprised if i could save on shopping bill,wife needs tv on all night so saving electricity not going to happen,can we have labour back in please,probably a good job my friends have drifted because i can't afford to go out anyway