Have had chance to look through policy document and to be honest its a load of tosh dont know how carers uk can welcome this policy.

It states they will spend 2 billion on personal care packages for the elderly of which there are 6 million ? this will be based on need and not the ability to pay however they go on to say that you can TOP UP your care package with your own money and state will match it £ for £ so if you can pay you will get a better form of care.
For us carers its the same old story we will have our carers allowance put out to consultation (again) and as usual look at the problems of working carers.

I think asking for carers allowance to be based on minimum wage is a non starter i dont think carers uk understand that most carers work on a one to one with their caree`s which means we are available 24/7 minimum wage of £5 per hour what should we get £1-000 per week no chance we have to prove we work 35 hours per week which is in itself a joke all we should be asking for is minimum wage on that requierment £200 per week but that cost would put any government off no one would pay out that kind of cash when they all know we will still work as carers even if the allowance was reduced, all governments are playing mind games with us its time to fight back put them on the spot start asking the right questions for a start.
Nothing in document as far as i can see re help for carers such as council tax,prescription charges, dentistry & optical we as carers should be exempt from many if not all of these things.
and what about paying carers allowance to those in receipt of state pensions .


OOPS i forgot as a carer i will also be free from discrimination will have statutory rights be treated as a partner and have better access to advice as i said its a load of tosh .

george - got my unhappy hat on even though with LIZZIE sitting with old doll i got to the game last night first time at stadium of delight in 3 years thats what we as carers are prepared to do for the ones we love stop watching Sunderland hang on for the last 3 years they have been just like the lib dems document ****