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If Carers Allowance is raised, will Income Support stop? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

If Carers Allowance is raised, will Income Support stop?

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Although your CA is being taken into account you should get the carer premium of £27 added to your IS.
http://www.carersuk.org/Information/Fin ... rerPremium

Please call our CarersLIne and talk to them about your benefits situation and the mortgage issues. 0808 808 7777

Advisors are available Weds / Thurs only. But if you call today you can leave a message and ask for them to call you back.

Thanks for that, I will give the helpline a call tomorrow, my local office messed up with the Income Support originally, as we were paying full mortgage for almost a year. Then after a phone call to them I found out I should have been getting help with the interest. Speaking to them last week I came across a brick wall, no-one knew what was happening, then I had a phone call the morning after saying that they had got the decision wrong to take the 1.5% from my benefit, but until all the computers are changed I can`t contact my mortgage lenders to tell them so. It will be good to speak to someone who understands. My wife is worried sick about the changes, and blames herself now for being ill and me being home. I`ve worked without a break from leaving school at 16 years old, but Teresa`s health has got worse, she regularly needs emergency drugs administered, it was the correct decision to become her carer as I`d been with her in hospital so many times while she was ill, having drugs at home, I`m keeping her out of hospital unless things go really bad.
ten years ago, we were told that the computers could not access our details. We ended up fighting for all of our entitlements two days before Christmas that year,I thought it would have changed by now.

I am surprised that they are still able to get away with this one.

Hopefully Carers UK can give you good advice, and you will be sorted out soon.Good luck.
I think income support is a great thing that needs to be revised and although carers allowance is just as important there are many people that need income support. Saying that I think that carers allowance does need to be raised but I don't think it should put pressure on people who also have income support. :blink:
Hello Bethany

please be aware that the original post in this topic (and the replies) date back to 2008, with no further comments being made since.

Up to date relevant topics on current benefit rules can be found in the "Carers & Disability Benefits" section further down the Index.