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If Carers Allowance is raised, will Income Support stop? - Carers UK Forum

If Carers Allowance is raised, will Income Support stop?

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A question I have about "in family care." I am a full-time carer for my wife, at the moment I do receive Carers Allowance at £50.55 per week, I also receive £24.90 Income Support, on checking our DWP papers recently I noticed that to work out my IS, all of the £50.55 was taken into account, in effect what this means is that if the Carers Allowance is raised more than £24.90 in future my Income Support will end, meaning I will have to pay full mortgage payments, Dental and Prescription fees, School Dinners and Uniform for both children, Council Tax. Which as I understand it now, I am only able to get because of claiming Income Support. How many others will this affect, and will this be taken into account if there is a rate increase for Carers Allowance? This was only bought to light because yesterday I was told by the DWP that because of the interest rate cuts, my mortgage payments are to go UP by almost £70 per month, as they want the decrease in rates deducted from their part of their payments, when asked if the interest rates go up will their payments too, I was told again - no you have to pay the difference. Sorry to waffle on, but this is a worry - we have no way of making extra cash - no overtime.
we have no way of making extra cash - no overtime.
Mark even if you could drag yourself out and make a bit extra they'd just take it from your benefits!

The sad truth is Carers who are on the Carers Allowance are high end caring over 35 hours a week...and the rest!!!! Image
If it stopped at 35 some of us would thing we were on holidays! Image

The real worry for me is the plans to move Carers on I.S. to Job seekers Allowance. Image
To say I'm job seeking is a great big dirty lie!

I'm working 70+ hours Caring and 3 hours paid so on 2 counts I'm not unemployed !
I hate and resent the implied 'laziness' label, the current government is tagging us Carers with! Image
If they get there way Income Support will be gone and everyone will be on the same benefit just amended to different sections! Image

On that subject can anyone tell me...

What's the difference or even the improvement of having 3 different benfits I.S. Carers, Jobseekers changed to 3 different Allowances:

1. Job seekers for the unemployed
2. Jobseekers for Carers (amended so they don't need to seek work! Image )
3. Carers Allowance still kept for Carers not on Income Support.

If they're making it less complicated I DON'T SEE IT! Image Image
Sounds like an ill thought out exercise to me. Image
marie x
I am curious about the IS.

We are on income support, but it is my husbands claim, £33 a week, on top of his incapacity benefit. He is exempted at present from moving to Jobseekers allowance, due to his incapacity,so does that mean I would just stay as I was ,on Carers Allowance?Are the staff at the jobcentres even going to understand the rules, and do the Government realise how complicated it could all get?

My Carers Allowance is taken into account, so I don't really get £50. THis is going to be one gigantic mess over the next few years, and who will suffer most?Not the Politicians.
If the carers allowance was increased the I.S. will be adjusted no doubt about that - the government rule is we need about £120 per week to live on so if the carers allowance did increase the I.S. probably will be reduced however many carers like myself receive only the carers allowance the rest of my so called living expenses is funded not by other benefits but by a private occupational pension other carers work for the £95 per week that allows thgem to claim the allowance also when in receipt of I.S. it should open the door to other benefits like council tax relief , housing benefit , prescription charges dental care eye care which i have to pay for therefore for someone like myself i would in deed benefit from a carers allowance increase =no doubt someone will correct me if iam wrong but you get my idea i hope.
as a carer who is only in receipt of the carers allowance plus my own private pension i will not be moved onto J.S.A.
what annoys me is carers allowance is £50 per week yet J.S.A. is £60 per week why cant they put me on J.S.A. that would be an increase of £10 == but J.S.A. takes into account other monies coming in so i would end up losing my carers allowance altogether so to reward me they will leave me on some kind of "new carers allowance " yet to be renamed

the whole thing is one big cock up and to prove how stupid the whole thing is the conservatives will support it .
I curentley recive ca and also income support. what dwp do is take my carers allowance of income support and then add £27. The dwp class ca as income so I have concerns that even if they do raise carers allowance it will just be clawed back. that with the threat of being put on jsa is realy worying me. Image
The problem is that not even the DWP knows what they are going to do. That's clear because they published so little and explained so little compared to their other plans. This was ill thought out and only serves to complicate the system in the name of simplification Image

And it clearly doesn't scrap Carers Allowance, as Marie says. It removes it for one group - hence my comment about complicating the system. It's actually about scrapping Income Support.

So why not increase Carers Allowance to a decent rate and still retain the passport to other support, Gordon?
IF CA goes up IS goes down- so those of us on IS would lose out big time - oops - we're going to do that anyway when they put us all on JSA!!!!!!! It's fairly typical of this or any government - identify those most in need and then kick them in the teeth!!!
Boggle AKA The Mother
So will there be a way to actually put this to the governing bodies before the change takes place, I`ve worked out our changes and we`ll be worse off by around £700 per month. I`ll have no way of paying full mortgage, as any payments coming in won`t cover it.
Oh I soooooooo agree with this,. this change over is NOT for our benefit, its to save goverment expentiture