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Ideas for a carer TV drama

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i find you can give a message through the powerfull medium of comedy,beit,satire,black-humour of the David Renwick sort,or,through the pathos of this medium.Chaplins "The Kid" or his "Great Dictator" must rank very highly in that field.wit can be more incisive than any blunt,formula,basic, documentery,or drama.comedy can cut through right to the very essence,if written with a grasp,understanding,sympathy for the theme.
Victori Woods much underated "Dinner Ladies",the present ITV comedy "Ladies of Letters" must be a top pair of examples of the craft.

But,its been done.Galton and Simpson covered all the issues carers have with that testimony to caring:"Steptoe and Son".

but,i for one,remember,for longer,and am moved by such comedies.bittersweet journeys comenting on the human condiction.
It would be good to have a carers story or two as a sub-plot on one of the main soaps. I dont think it would sustain a whole drama series though, too dull. And soaps need a pub or somewhere people can meet up, so maybe the caree would have to be someone who needs wheeling in or has a serious drink problem?
Creative ideas

This is a very interesting thread is it for real or are you just musing? If the latter is the case there’s plenty material to draw from on this forum to develop the storyline.

Paul Burstow (Minister of State (Care Services), Health says the coalition gov will continue to work on the principles of Valuing People.

http://www.valuingpeoplenow.dh.gov.uk/y ... mily-carer




I have an idea that could run for a series - thoughts please as I would like to develop this with others. I write, and have written a play before, but, like everyone have limited time. Here goes:

Three main threads of caring: caring for partner, caring for parent, caring for child.
6- 8 hourly episodes.
Called - Rollback, or Turn back time or something like that.

Basic premise - show the three caring situations for what they are, serious side and the lighter moments, or moments of success. Show the total situation, i.e. friends coming to visit less, trips out, public reaction, the people behind the caring, i.e. maybe at work. See how it interlinks with all areas of their lives. Cover the sorts of issues we talk about on here all the time.
Start episode 1 with the caring situation NOW. What these three people are dealing with today. To keep viewers intriged, short sharp flashbacks or images of the past.
Next 4 episodes - each one goes back in time, say 6 months or a year, to take the viewer back in time. In each episode, a tiny flashback further into the past.
This going back in time will represent the different progressions for the three threads.
Final episode - Shows the beginning - carers before caring, to get to know the three people who we have only seen so far as carers. End with flashforwards to the first episode, so we are reminded of how their lives are changed.
3 threads could show -
Partner caree - with sudden disability, how their lives have changed completely and how the disability has gone from life threatening to progressing and getting better all the time
PArent caree - how because they are older, the disability is getting worse as the person ages and how the carer is needed more and more
Child caree - perhaps how the caree has always needed help as they have grown up and the various peaks and dips that come with this.

Could work for a second series, seeing the programme pick up from the beginning of episode one again - present day and focus on the changes in caring legislation
or - start again, same premise of turning back time, but three different stories. Could be so many issues to cover!!!
I'd like to see 2 different scenarios in something like this. It could be educational as well as entertaining - even to those who are already carers.

For example:- Those of us who provide care for a loved one in their own home won't know what it's like being in a care setting and vice versa... who knows, it could create a whole new generation of care workers.

With the right permissions, you could also use it to point out that there are also support groups out there for those who just don't know where to turn. I can't see places like carer's UK turning us down over this as it is free advertising for them.
What about us lot? Partners and wives who've never known our partners/husbands BEFORE they were disabled?
Never had the chance to have a clinch together or a dance or run together or for them to push the supermarket trolley for us/do DIY for us, lift all the heavy stuff for us.

Not many people think about us lot. Not many people think about our relationships which we have never ever had or can never ever have now. We both wished we'd met 'before', so's we had the chance to have a proper relationship, children, running, dancing, cuddling with both arms.

Would these programmes about us, attract an audience, I wonder?
sure they would fran, all these stories are moving. i think the trouble is there are so many different scenarios, and all of us different.
what about an hour episode each week of just one story, always starting at the end and working backwards, same idea?
Would these programmes about us, attract an audience, I wonder?
Well I for one love to read this forum and the stories carers' tell it is better than any soap on TV .
I guess one thing to remember is that there are so many carers out there that I'm sure loads of them would welcome something like this so we've kind of got a nation wide audience of who knows how many already, not to mention people who have been or are interested in caring. The only problem is that I don't think the any television company would take this into account.

Recently me and my wife have been thinking about how many people there are all over the UK that have disabilities/health conditions but how infrequently they appear on TV or in books. There's obviously a target audience there because me and my wife (to mention just two) actively want to see more of this. I mean they could easily just have extras in wheelchairs or passing characters who have an irrelevant to the story health condition or maybe need assistance in some way, but even most extras are non-disabled. Same goes for carers.
discussing this with chums today,we felt it is all about who you aim it at.

for me comedy,pathos works.

a freind said a carers story told in a childrens tv show informs young minds,or,for adults,in a mainstream soap.

another chum felt a cracking stomping Doctor Who story,crafted as deftly as the spendid one we had this year featuring dutch painer "Van Gough" which mixed sci-fi,mental-health themes,historical figures,and did-so with great understanding and respect for the medium.

so,a Russel T Davies style of writing might-just pull it off.made in the creative temple that is bbc cardiff,ofcourse.