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Ideas for a carer TV drama

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I sure hope you're not talking about us??!!! Image

If so, uh oh!
big brother presenter,davina mcall,aint doin much of merit im media right now,if she ever did,so,a prime-time Reality" show about being a carer,the whole thing,the whole nine yards,the lot,that would be grim,but provoking tv.

I like it. I guess one danger about the whole thing (I don't know how serious I am about this. I mean is anyone actually going to make this?) is that if the carer's lives are portrayed as too hard then it gives the audience permission to brand the carees as burdens to society, so they have to have their own stories and be very personalised so that viewers don't just think "If that was me I'd put them in a home/care centre because I wouldn't have time to care." etc. etc.
I take your point, which is why i said you can't be too self-deprecating. Which is why I think there needs to be a comic element to it.
Few of us get into a caring role that starts at the heavy end: some do, of course, but for many it's a gradual change and you don't see it coming until you're sucked in all the way. Perhaps any such story should look at how that might come about to show people how the choices you make have an effect. Most people can find time (theoretically at least) to pop round to see someone, get them a meal sorted out, do their shopping and have a chat, and perhaps that's what most people see as being a carer - if they aren't thinking of care workers. It's the adjustments you make as things get more difficult that suck you in to a heavier role.

And I think the emphasis on keeping people at home is important, too. "Stick 'em in a home" is an easy cry for someone not emotionally involved - and treats the caree as no more than a piece of meat, which is unacceptable. A drama where someone is making those statements as a contrast to what is going on elsewhere would perhaps point out to people the stupidity of that mindset...
Having of late being involved in trying to get a TV idea commisioned i wish you luck on this,but wouldn't hold my breath.
It is very,very,very hard to get such ideas in front of the people that make progs.
Most companies will not accept ideas from outside their own development teams and again most unless it comes via a agent or a ind production company.
Not trying to be a kill joy just being very honest and passing on my experience over the past 18 month.
Would be worth anyone interested in this sort of thing buying or getting a book called Greenlit .
This is the womens web site and it gives lots of info and tips. I got it and it made a huge difference. I now have a TV prod company wanting to pitch my idea to Living TV.
Lastly you have made a huge error already. You posted this and anyone could steal the idea,pitch it and make a series and nothing you can do.
Really,good luck. Image
Lastly you have made a huge error already. You posted this and anyone could steal the idea,pitch it and make a series and nothing you can do.
Really,good luck. Image
Let them Image Means they have no imagination of their own
I was really pleased that other carers think it's worth a shot. If I did it, I'd go for a really serious approach to it, with a really upsetting end, but I love the fact that you are taking a completely different approach. You go for it. I wouldn't worry about other carers taking your ideas. I think it takes such a lot of dedication to do something like writing a drama, that any other carer will use their own ideas, not steal yours, and I think they will put the message across that they want to put. But you could PM each other in future, if you want to be sure! Joy.
I didn't really mean other carers stealing the ideas. It was more people chat and things get passed around.
Really you will be surprised at the legal work that goes into ensuring that ideas are not copied.
I was just hoping to pass on what i have learned and this is a huge area once you start to get an idea of how TV progs are made.
For example most large prod companies have development teams,an idea such as this overheard would be suggested then tossed around by the team till a possible pitch is presented.
But if anyone gets to the stage to have a finished product i would be happy to help with putting together the written pitch.
But i would consider approaching the BBC who do have a process for just this sort of project. Look on their home page under commisioning or i can send you the gen.
Cant rememer the sitcom but a couple of months back they had a scene in this show where the guy had a disablilty, within days he had his D.L.A. sorted and even took delivery of a powered wheelchair ......if only.......
The writers of said sitcom obviously got their "facts" from the Daily Mail and similar publications.