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Local Elections.

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Im not voting for ANY sitting Councilor this time.Aside from having been "Sitting" far too long,in their seats,in my view,serving Party,self and EGO,before ME,I feel independant Councilors serve us far better,maybe.

As a Carer,I see NOTHING from the sitting specimins seeking re-election,anyway.

So Im checking out the free thinking,non-party options.New blood I hope.
we have had the same councillor for nearly 25 years,and I have no idea how he gets in time after time.The only time I see him is in the couple of weeks coming up to an election.
I never vote for him,I always think "why bother as I know he will get back in,"but I always do go down and vote.
More importantly we have a referendum on whether to keep the directly elected mayor or go back to the old system which of course gave us the infamous donnygate Image .

What a choice one bad manager or lots of bad managers of our poor town
Tesco on Saturday was a nightmare with councillors canvassing for votes. I told them they would be better employed bag packing and listening to the voices of the people as they travelled through the checkouts. Didn`t hang about to find out if any of them did.

Our (wonderfully understanding) MP`s wife was a councillor but has retired due to her mum`s ill health, and the chap who is standing in her place has helped us regarding the warden issues at Dad`s complex. Another vote will go to a long standing chap who fought to get us housed when mum died and my OH services his lawnmower. Not sure about the third vote yet, but the party they stand for matters not one jot, getting stuff done is a much higher priority.

Take care
I think voting should be obligatory,but all ballot papers should have the option `None of the above.`That way the politicians might realise how out of touch they are and how much we need a complete change.Personally,i like the idea of far fewer MPs and candidates having to qualify by proving their merit,either by passing exams or proof of experience.Naive i know,but i really feel that politicians are untrusted,unqualified and largely unknown.And why exactly,when we have a government,do we need elected councillors?Why not just appoint qualified staff?
This picture has nothing whatever to do with local elections,but I like it.Unlike the farce of the local elections.Which I yawn at.

We have 3 councilors.Aside from photos in the local rag or on their leaflets at election time,ive NEVER met em.They never came to ask for my vote.

Id sooner elect a nun on a stool.