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IB to ESA.

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Oh joy of joys. I recieved my letter yesterday for migration to ESA from IB. It says they will telephone me soon to talk about this. I have recieved no medical questionaire yet. Does anyone know how long it takes between recieving this initial letter and being sent for a medical?
Also my husband is over 60. Ive seen on many many internet forums what others have been put through. Is there any point putting myself and my husband through this stress (i include him in this because it obviously effects the households income) if an increase in Pension Credit can replace the IB im about to lose? Thanks.
sent you a pm
Diva,I have had a letter addressed to me about my son's move from Incapacity Benefit to ESA.I had to phone them initially,which I immediately did, almost a month ago, but have heard nothing more.They were supposed to send an application form out "within a couple of weeks or so."Think I will have to phone them back. It just sounds as though it is a lot more work for Carers,as well as added stress for Carer and Caree.We have had Easter within that time, so I took that into account in case the post was delayed.
We got a 20 page form to fill in (took us about a week or so to fill in by the time we got the supporting letters etc back from his consultant) for my son's change from Incapacity Benefit to ESA. It took around 3 months for them to get back to us and they have put son into the Support Group. But he does require 24/7 care and is a full time powered wheelchair user and relies on a ventilator.

Im glad your son got what he is rightfully entitled to Eun.
Well someone from the DWP phoned me this afternoon. And they say they are sending the medical form out to me soon.