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I want t rant now

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If Simon can rant, I want to rant. Firework, My dog has been a nervous rec for the last 3 weeks, she hears a bang she up on my chair, like a shot whether I'm sitting on it or not, including Sunday evening sitting eating my dinner, i did manage to save my chicken and potatoes, but then I have to sit in the edge of the chair or on the floor, oh did i mention she a greyhound lurcher so not small it amazing how small she can go when is want to. but this is going away from what I want to say, Keep fireworks to the day and the week its in, not 2 weeks before the day and to carry on to Christmas and New Year. I have try all the stuff to stop her DAP, rescue remedy, quite places, loud music dens but no she wants my chair so i lose my chair for 2 1/2 months, but i still love her.
i have a greyhound and shes been scared all the way through the firework 21 day festival,the other sunday her sunday dinner lasted 10 mins till a firework went off and the dinner came back up,yes you can give them a tablet,but do i need to drug her for 3 weeks now
we haven't had so many this year. I had to walk down the garden with Goldie on 5th,but that was the only night this year.Usually it goes on for about a week.
Poor dogs, the noise can be very frightening for them.
what i conclude lazydaisy is,i must move to wales because all the fireworks are in lincolnshire we've had them for weeks,
we are lucky, we have a basement in our house with a couple of furnished rooms, and my son has his own sitting room down there, so Goldie is able to have peace, until she needs to go into the garden.
Really strange all the medium to large dogs that I've had were frightened of fireworks, whilst 2 smallest dogs a poodle, and poodle cross (only weigh about 4lb wet) were never bothered even out the garden they'd both just poodle Image about doing their business. They even seem to quite like to watch the rockets etc lighting up the sky they never went as far as going ooooooohhhhh or aaaaaahhhh, but they would have if they could have Image
Our dog used to like sitting in the garden to watch the fireworks. On colder nights, he'd stand on Mike's bed and stick his head through the curtains to watch!
Our old Poodle/Terrier cross called Boomer, used to go to the firework displays with me!
He just used to sit and watch the fireworks without batting an eyelid.

The two Bearded Collies we had/have are petrified of any loud bangs, no matter what they may be. Image
Lol Pete poodles look delicate little things but they are quite fiesty, maybe something to do with them originally being bred in germany as water retrievers/gundogs.
Bertieb seemed to think the last lot were toys. He saw rockets go up and ran towards them excited. Then he spent a lot of time watching the skies and waiting for them to come down.

But I agree with Helen - If people have to use fireworks, keep them for the day, not for the month!